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Miss Venezuela 2010 Review

I am an avid fan of pageants but no avid fan can proclaim to be without having watched Miss Venezuela, at least once I think, as it's definitely the most important national pageant of the year. As I had free time on my hands and this year's delegates were awesome, I decided to go for it, not knowing that the pageant was a 5 hour snorefest! Maybe to the Venezuelans' this was a night of celebration and entertainment but as I had no idea what they were talking about Miss Venezuela really did not accommodate for people like me - they shouldn't need to though. I have to say Miss Venezuela is possibly the most boring pageant I've watched (though I haven't watched many). The result was less than pleasing, I'll go into that a in a little bit. But honestly we only got to see the girls for about 1 hour of the total 5 and the whole thing was done to the same tone as Miss Universe, they definitely need to mix it up. Come next year I'm not sure I can be bothered to watch this even if the delegates are as good as this years.

So this year they awarded all the 4 major crowns and 4 other girls will be picked for Miss Supranational, Reina Hispanoamericana, International Queen of Coffee and Miss Atlantico International. I hope Miss Monagas gets to go to Supranational or Reina Hispanoamericana. Supranational, although an infant pageant, could potentially become a big name in a few years time - despite me thinking it uncompetitive whilst Reina Hispanoamericana is competitive but only in a continental scale. I have no interest in the Coffee thing, it sounds stupid and I've never heard of Atlantico International.

So before the pageant you might remember I posted a favourites list; beware this was not a prediction list, here is how it went,

Miss Venezuela Universe: Distrito Capital
Miss Venezuela World: Monagas
Miss Venezuela International: Bolivar
Miss Venezuela Earth: Carabobo
1st Runner Up: Canaima

Top 10: Amazonas, Aragua, Delta Amacuro, Tachira, Zulia

If you don't know the actual results brace yourself now,

Miss Venezuela Universe: Miranda
Miss Venezuela World: Amazonas
Miss Venezuela International: Distrito Capital
Miss Venezuela Earth: Aragua
1st Runner Up: Monagas

After the show this changed a bit and I'll now document it all for you :)

I am not part of the legions of people who find her ugly, in fact I think she's quite beautiful, but definitely not the most beautiful in this year's competitive field. I placed her, just, in my Top 10 before the first cut. She performed decently throughout, though sometimes a bit predictably. After the Top 10 cut and the Q&A's I also considered her as part of my Top 5 as Carabobo failed to impress me in the Q&A (despite me not understanding a single word!) However here's the deal, out of the Top 10 she was my 6th/7th favourite, I wouldn't mind if she won a crown however considering Monagas and Distrito Capital placed below her I was a bit shocked she managed the title of Venezuela World. I hope she does well at Miss World but to be honest I'm not sure she's going to make an impact if Adriana Vasini (Miss Venezuela World 2009) isn't.

Was she going to make the Top 10? No. Was she memorable? No. Not much to say really. 25th on the night for me.

I like Miss Apure despite her tendency to look a bit masculine at times but I like a lot of girls this year. 24th on the night.

To me I knew Aragua was a dark horse in my favourites list but I never expected her to do well on the night. How wrong was I. She was definitely one of the pleasing shocks of the night and I personally placed her 2nd overall on the night. It was lovely to see her win the Miss Earth crown because her performance was worthy of one, however I must say she doesn't strike me as a Miss Venezuela. I think it's because she doesn't exude that personality you come to expect from Venezuelan delegates and, in fact, she looks too demure for a Miss Venezuela but I hope she does well at Miss Earth because she was probably the prettiest on the night. Just to tell you I would have awarded her the Miss Venezuela International Crown.

I never really understood the love for Miss Barinas until I saw her tonight. She had that appeal and attraction that just screamed a Miss Venezuela. I think her hair helped her a lot as she stood out, in a good way. I was shocked she didn't make the Top 10, if she did she would really have mixed up my top 5 list as I like her but I have other favourites I like more than her but didn't do so well on the night.

I still love Bolivar but on the night she didn't look her best, I understood why the judges cut her, but I just wish they gave her a second chance in the Top 10. On the night she just didn't sparkle, her styling didn't work and her dress was crazy. It was a shame to see this favourite of mine fall out of contention as I still believe she is one of the prettiest girls in the bunch with a killer smile.

I love Canaima, she was my 1st Runner Up before the finals night. I was extremely shocked she made it into the Top 10 though, she just didn't strike me as what Miss Venezuela is looking for, even a fan like me had to question, was her placement worthy? Whilst I love Canaima and believe she as well is one of the prettiest girls there I just didn't think she performed on the night. She felt flat and slightly too nervous through most of the night so I was shocked to hear her named as one of the Top 10 when I thought girls like Bolivar and Yaracuy were bigger favourites than her. However I applaud her for making the Top 10 because she is a gorgeous girl.

As I have said before I think Carabobo's style is overdone and that's probably why she missed out on a Top 5 spot. I also think she didn't sparkle compared to my other favourites of the night. She placed a decent 8th place for me before the Top 10 cut but honestly she should have been in the Top 5. There was just something disappointing about her whole performance and her Q&A didn't look good either. All in all I was slightly shocked she didn't make the Top 5 (not as shocked as Monagas not winning a crown) but I totally understand why. However saying that if I had my say I would have awarded her with the Miss Venezuela Earth title.

I don't like her that much, she just doesn't attract me. 27th on the night.

Costa Oriental
One of the more muted surprises of the night. I hadn't really considered her before the competition but she performed well enough to put her into the Top 10. I personally placed her 11th so I didn't mind her placing. However in the Top 10 she looked inadequate compared to the others imo. She just didn't look like she belonged there and it was right not to put her any further.

Delta Amacuro
Delta Amacuro was a disappointment to me. She just didn't perform and didn't look as pretty as she has been in the competition. Her evening gown performance was good but the rest was only satisfactory. I really liked her, though I didn't think she'd place, I wanted her to do well. But in the end I placed her 18th before the first cut.

Dependencias Federales

This was one of the biggest, good, shocks of the night. She looked beautiful in all rounds and really put herself in a very good position before the Top 10 cut. I was slightly disappointed she was left out but I wasn't throwing hissy fits like when Monagas went without a crown! I'm repeating myself too many times. She was unexpectedly good throughout the show and I applaud her for making a very good impression.

Distrito Capital
To me Distrito Capital still has the package, I wouldn't say she was the best on the night (I placed her 3rd) but she definitely deserved better than the Miss Venezuela International crown when you look at who won the other two. However I don't think she sparkled as brightly as some other girls on the night, she was a highly competent performer but she didn't make the biggest impact in any of the segments like she should have. However I would still have awarded her with the Miss Venezuela World crown as I think she really does have the potential to make it big - I think Miss Venezuela org didn't want her competing in Universe or World because she "only" came 3rd at Earth so it's unlikely she'll win at Miss Universe.

I don't understand why people disliked her so much on the night, I personally found her very pretty on the night and strongly in the mid tables at 14th. To me she was quite endearing and sweet looking so I was confused why so many thought she looked ugly and undeserving of any consideration.

I placed her 28th, end of.

I think halfway into the competition many expected Lara to potentially produce a shock on the finals night. It died down a little bit but I think people expected a Top 10 placement. Whilst she looked beautiful in the Evening Gown round she didn't perform as well throughout the night. I found her walk slow rather than elegant, in the swimsuit round she took ages to complete her walk. I placed her 16th on the night but to be honest I wouldn't mind if she took a Top 10 position.

She isn't bad it's just that she didn't impress me. She placed 23rd on the night for me.

Here's the low-down with Miranda, the Miss Venezuela Universe 2010. She isn't ugly, in fact she is quite pretty (even on the night) but to me, at least, she was too quiet, there's no latina personality oozing out of her. She also loves fake tan and she has a tendency to look old. If she performed on the night I would be happy for her considering she was touted to make an impact on the night but sadly I think she fell flat in most segments so I'm baffled how she won the title. I was shocked she made the Top 10 and even more shocked she made the Top 5 so what do you expect when I heard her name announced as Miss Universe Venezuela 2010! I had her at 20th before the 1st cut and 10th out of the Top 10. I just didn't expect Miranda to win after her performance. I hope she does well in Miss Universe as at the moment I think she's a weaker competitor than Ly, Dayana, Stefania and Marelisa but I do see her making the Top 15 next year. Why does she remind me of the scary Kristen Dalton, who, I hasten to add, hate.

After her introductory walk  I was sold. She blew everybody out the window. She looked stunning and possessed the Miss Venezuela vibe through and through. To me she is a much prettier and feminine looking version of Ly Jonaitis. Before the pageant I had always placed her below Distrito Capital but after tonight she had become the queen bee. I happily put her as my favourite and Miss Venezuela Universe 2010. So what do you think happened when Monagas was named as 1st Runner Up, without the Miss Venezuela Universe crown or any other crown at that. I was PISSED! The way that it was announced was also pretty confusing for someone who doesn't speak Spanish. There was just a moment of silence as the crowd, competitors, the presenters and me including just stood there thinking, what? What was Miss Monagas being called out for I wondered. Until I saw the flowers being handed and the murmurs and disappointment on Monagas' face did I realise that Monagas, the best of the night, had come out empty handed. If you followed the pageant like I did the only sound you heard from the crowd was MONAGAS MONAGAS MONAGAS throughout the night even when Nueva Esparta walked on. I just don't understand. She performed so well on the night, yes her walk verged towards the extreme side but that's what made her memorable and her face was a million dollars. She has the sass of a Miss Venezuela and the workings to become the next Miss Universe. And her imperfections could have quickly been cleaned up by Osmel e.g. her over-exaggerated walk could have been trained so that it was distinct but not crazy. Even if she didn't win the crown of Miss Universe at least give her World, International or Earth! I was just so disappointed and as one fan said "You sure they didn't read the list the wrong way round?" As Monagas winning Universe, Aragua winning world and Amazonas winning Earth sounds much more plausible and would be much preferred by me and the many who stayed up for 5 hours watching this catastrophe unfold.

Nueva Esparta
Many girls can fade away after a girl the calibre of Miss Monagas walks before you but Nueva Esparta didn't. She was the best shock of the night. She came out of nowhere for many fans. I liked her a lot from the start, I was slightly put off by the chin though but since she dyed her hair she really became a frontrunner for me, shame she didn't dye her hair earlier. She placed 7th on my list and after the Top 10 I put her as my 1st Runner Up. She wasn't right for a Miss Venezuela but she performed really well throughout the night so she deserved to be considered. She was also different to most girls. Her Q&A looked exceptionally honest and truthful, there was no fake smiles, no move to impress the judges and the crowd with pageant studied moves, she was fresh. She could have done it in a better way though and that's why she lost some marks with me but all in all Nueva Esparta was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

Peninsula de Paraguana
As somebody said "she looks like my grandma". Whilst I'm not as harsh as that I just don't think she looked fresh for Miss Venezuela.

Somebody said she looked like Marelisa Gibson. HOW? Despite Marelisa's nose job I think she is gorgeous and full of personality, totally deserving of a Top 15 at Miss Universe. You can't compare Marelisa with this girl. They look nothing alike despite the way their hair was done. Portuguesa is not ugly, she is quite pretty in fact, but she doesn't have that X-factor that Miss Venezuela's have. I placed her 21st.

This girl just didn't do it for me, it was the nose. She can look gorgeous but to me she just wasn't near the top rung at all. I placed her 24th.

Whilst I like Tachira her performance on the night was just too pageant patty. What defined her was her pageant patty laugh that is characterised with all pageant patty delegates who think that looks sexy, it doesn't, it just looks like you have tried to study past delegates and over-exaggerated their moves. I still like Tachira but her performance was wholly inadequate. I placed her 15th on the night.

Truljillo, like Costa Oriental and Falcon, was a nice shock to me. I hadn't considered any of them before the finals night but their performance just put them on the map. Truljillo looked beautiful in her evening gown. Though the colour was a bit like Marmite, you either loved it or hated it I thought it really made her sparkle. To me she actually looked slightly Indian in that dress. But a nice surprise. I put her 13th.

Nice girl just don't really remember her.

I think Yaracuy worked on the same tune as Miss Monagas, they tried to mix it up a bit, but it just didn't work as well as Monagas, though it still worked well. I like Yaracuy and applaud her for her energy throughout the night. I was slightly shocked she didn't make the Top 10 considering she was quite memorable and made it onto 6th on my leaderboard but I wouldn't have put her any further than Top 10.

Finally! the last girl. Zulia was a real dark horse from me before the finals night. I still love her but she didn't make a large enough impact on me. She placed 12th on my list and I was happy with her Top 10 placement but yes she should have been excluded from Top 5.

So if you didn't catch that my Top 10 would have been;
Distrito Capital
Nueva Esparta
Dependencias Federales

So I made 6 but my two alternates were Costa Oriental and Zulia and I would have loved for Canaima to make the Top 10 so in fact 9 out of 10 :p lol.

I was a bit disappointed that Barinas and Bolivar didn't make it but oh well I don't think I would have given them a crown.

Also if you didn't catch my rankings on the night here would have been how I'd have given the crowns.
Miss Venezuela Universe: Monagas
Miss Venezuela World: Distrito Capital
Miss Venezuela International: Aragua
Miss Venezuela Earth: Carabobo
1st Runner Up: Nueva Esparta
Honourable Mentions for Crowns; Amazonas, Barinas, Bolivar

Miss World up next, hope it won't be like this, if Norway wins I'll be disappointed.
I also want to say I disliked the staging of the pageant. For the swimsuit segment I loved the initial posing and walking down the stairs, the camera should have focused on that more. But then another flight of stairs! Too much! And the cameraman didn't really have to do anything as the girls just walked towards him. The evening gown segment was awful, they were just circling around really really slowly and so many of the dresses were ewww...

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