Thursday, 2 December 2010

Miss Asia Pageant 2010

The pageant fan in me is back! This time with Miss Asia Pageant. Miss Asia will be airing on Sunday, the same time as the TVB anniversary awards (and I think the same day as Miss Earth). I became interested in Miss Asia in 2007. Not sure if ATV did the right thing here because even though I understand they want to create competition with TVB I think ATV will only lose in ratings because of this which is a shame because Miss Asia is a decent pageant. The girls are generally pretty, on par with Miss Chinese International, and this year possibly better. I also think Miss Asia is getting more promotion than Miss Chinese International! Anyway I'm going to post on this rather than Miss Earth as Miss Earth is getting hard to track with all the girls but with few places to find photos anymore, I'll comment on Miss Earth after I know about the results but I must say Miss India and Miss Venezuela are favourites of mine (and I think everybody else)! Anyway back to Miss Asia. This year the contest seems to be split into groups of Asian countries, China and Hong Kong (and the rest of the World) below I'll give a brief overview of my opinions

My Top 4

8. Vita Tsybulska

Vita stands out from the crowd at first sight, not only is she the only girl not from South East Asia (after the withdrawal of No.7) she is also the tallest girl in the bunch at 6'1''. She also has a gorgeous looking face and a beautiful body it's a shame she isn't representing her country in one of the big 4 pageants. I don't think Tajikistan sends delegates anyway? I think Vita was probably scouted. Anyway she is the frontrunner here and it would be a crime to exclude her from the Top 3.

10. Sera Kawashima

Sera is an adorable looking Japanese girl who I believe is tough competition to Vita. Her attractive face and cutesy demeanour will make her a strong contender for the title, however it all depends on how she performs on the night. If Miss Asia continue with the theme of "one winner per group" then Sera will have a tough time beating out Vita who arguably has "the package" but if Miss Asia comes to its senses it will see that Sera is as worthy as Vita for a crown.

5. Elena Min Nan
Hong Kong

After the two superbeauties is Elena Min. Elena stands out because of her fresh face and radiant smile. I do have to say her nose irks me but her smile makes up for it. She may not be as pretty as Vita or Sera but she has a charm about her which puts her right next to the top 2. I wait with bated breath for her Q&A round because then we will see if Elena is truly what she seems to be on the outside.

2. Sasha He Ya

Sasha reminds me of Perry Chiu Woon. She exudes an actress' vibe to me, a dainty elegance with a modern vibe. I don't know what it is about her look that makes me scream fake but something looks overdone. Anyway at the moment Sasha still enchants me with her look and radiant smile, if it weren't for that question mark always in my head I would easily place her amongst the league of Vita and Sera. I'm not against plastic surgery but when it becomes obviously unnatural it's difficult not to question it.

My Top 10

9. Waranya Kitwattana

Waranya is the next tallest girl after Vita. The website states she is 6'1'' but she looks slightly shorter than Vita in photos but it's good to have Waranya in the pack to make Vita not look as odd in the group. Waranya herself is also a beautiful girl, she also has a modern and fresh air about her. At the moment I've placed her at 5th but we will have to see what happens on the night.

3. Chantal Wan Jiali
Hong Kong

What I like about Chantal is her cute image, she looks sweet and demure but what I don't like about Chantal is also her cute image. There's a line where cute becomes childish and I think Chantal crosses that line, at least in her photos. I hope her voice isn't childish as well because if it is then it'll be hard for me to take her seriously.

17. Pan Jiaxing

I've only recently seen Jiaxing as competition to the my 6. I think Jiaxing is very similar to Chantal but Jiaxing manages to makes it endearing. Sadly I haven't seen enough photos of her to judge but from what I've seen I do like her it's just that she hasn't stood out as much as Chantal or the rest of the Top 5 for me.  

1. Moon Chan Meng Yut
Hong Kong

To me Moon looks like a sweet and pretty Hong Kong girl and that's why I like her. However her height puts her at a huge disadvantage (5'3'') especially when we have Vita and Waranya in the bunch. I hope she is good at Q&A because that will be the reason for her placement.

11. Jessica Kwon Hyesu
South Korea

Jessica looks like a cosmopolitan Korean girl, I like her style but at times she can look a bit old and drained. I can't wait to see how she performs in the final because she can either be sweet and well prepared or fake and overdone.

15. Liu Xiaozhi

Xiaozhi just makes my Top 10, I like her because she seems to be a fun girl who doesn't seem fake. She reminds me of Sire ma though. She isn't the prettiest girl in the bunch, in my opinion, but at the moment she stands in my Top 10 at the moment. 

The remaining 8 (in order)

18. Wang Xin

If I were to change someone in my Top 10 it would be Liu Xiaozhi with Wang Xin. The only problem is I haven't seen enough of Wang Xin. She was the winner for Miss Asia China though so I expect a lot from her on the finals night so don't be shocked if she makes my Top favourites on the night.

20. Zhang Yin

Zhang Yin is quite pretty but she doesn't stand out in the bunch, I haven't seen enough of her either. I don't think she'll make my favourites on the finals night unless she performs amazingly as she doesn't seem to be the type that would stand out from the bunch with her personality.

6. Jennifer Lee Ying
Hong Kong

At certain angles Jennifer can look as pretty as many of my Top 10 but in most angles she looks lost and slightly ditzy.

4. Lucy Qi Yi

If there was one girl's nose that irks me the most it's Lucy's. I just think of Miss Piggy every time I see her. She isn't ugly it's just that she doesn't stand out amongst the group in any way.

19. Zhang Yi

She is the only girl I have no idea about amongst the, original, 18. I just forget about her every time simply because I haven't seen enough of her. It's likely she'll also be forgotten on the finals night.

13. Patricia Chen Yi Wei

Patricia looks a bit plain to me, it's harsh but that's my opinion at the moment. It's a shame because Taiwan sent two strong delegates last year but this year Patricia just doesn't stand out.

14. Bianca Beatrice

Sadly Bianca doesn't stand out to me at all.

21. Yin Han - replaced No.16

I think she has replaced No.16 after No.16 had some visa issues I think. I don't know whether it is confirmed but she's on the official website. I think it's a bit harsh to her to give her such short notice (only 4 days) and to be honest she doesn't stand out at all so was it worth it?

See you on December 5th!


  1. I agree with the first one, Vita Tsybulska should be number 1. She is totally perfect all around. Second is 17, and 2 is a third.

  2. Vita Should be Miss Asia 2010.

  3. I think Vita was a great delegate, she was a beautiful delegate and seemed to be likeable and friendly. Whether I think she was suited to win this pageant is another matter. Firstly this pageant was held in China, not speaking a word of Chinese was already a huge disadvantage, to the Chinese I think a great speech is more important than a great look. Secondly Wang Xin stole the hearts of the Chinese judges because of her eloquence, look and personality. I must say on record Wang Xin seemed perfect for this title but I would have to agree with you, Vita would have made an equally good, or even better, winner to Miss Asia 2010.