Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Australian Open Day 10

Day 10 featured the biggest shock of the tournament, Rafael Nadal exited the tournament! I don't think anyone was expecting it, me neither, but I had said that it would be uncanny if the Top 4 all made the SFs. Supposedly Rafal Nadal had an injury in the first set but what matters is that Rafael Nadal will not be able to complete the "Rafa Slam" this year and has left the slam open to Federer/Djokovic and Murray who I'd say all have an equal chance of winning the slam at the moment. Murray had a more difficult match against Alexandr Dolgopolov - watch out for him in the future. I think Murray's chances of winning his first Grand Slam has risen massively after Nadal's defeat, previously he would have had to beat Nadal and Djokovic/Federer but now he only has one major threat.

On the women's side both Clijsters and Zvonareva made the SFs, Clijsters however had a tentative match, I'd say both Wozniacki and Clijsters need to be worried about their next opponents as both can produce a shock win.

Another shock is Henin's announcement - she's retiring again! I almost think Henin shouldn't have returned, she was not as ready to return as Clijsters was and she'll look back at this past year as a mistake because she didn't impact the tour as much as Clijsters did - she left at her peak but now she leaves through an injury. Henin is one of my favourite tennis players and whilst her achievements were amazing the only thing I wanted to see her doing was winning that illusive Wimbledon title. I will miss Justine, she truly dominated the women's tour at her peak.

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