Sunday, 30 January 2011

Australian Open Day 14 - Men's Final - LIVE UPDATES

I'm currently watching the live broadcast of the men's final. It hasn't started yet but should in about 10 minutes. Can't wait to see who wins.

It has started!

I'm a bit worried that Djokovic has a strap on his knee, yes tennis players always put extra protection but I just hope it isn't anything bad enough to affect him in 5 sets. I don't know, something about the match at the moment doesn't look right.

Murray has already made 4 unforced errors!

5 unforced errors and Djokovic did amazing defending that point.

Is Djokovic going to break this early!

Murray safely defends his first service game. Phew for Murray, he did have to work for it. 17 minutes of game already.

Just realised Djokovic is also strapped on the arm, not liking the look of that if this goes to 5.

Djokovic is giving a masterclass on forehands on Game 7.

Murray looks pissed - sorry for the language. 

Why can tennis players ask for rackets to be restrung in matches? That just seems pretty weird. Surely you should prepare for the match beforehand and not tweak the racket after realising in match that it is not right. I can only see the reason for restringing the racket if it goes horribly out of shape.

First double fault in the match from Murray.

9 games in and Murray is still only 44% on first serves.

GREAT play from Djokovic, amazing.

GREAT point from Djokovic, 38 shots- 2 set points.

First set to Djokovic, nearly thought that was going to a tiebreak.

First set stats and Murray's serve isn't looking good at 44% first serves with Djokovic at 63%. Djokovic is winning more on first serves as well. Both winners and unforced errors are even though Djokovic has won 35 points whilst Murray 28. All this took 59 minutes. I think this set Djokovic was undoubtedly the better player. I think this will be a Djokovic 4 set, thought it would be a Djokovic 5 set before the match but my gut feeling is it won't be 5 - I'd bet on it being 3 more than it being 5.

Fantastic lob from Djokovic.

First love game which also saw Djokovic's first ace.

Amazing shots from both players but Murray loses the point by hitting the net.

Ooh 2nd set looking eerily like the first with a potential early break.

Djokovic breaks!

Murray is making too many errors to winners in this set, 7 errors to 1 winner.

To be honest the restrung racket looks like it hasn't helped at all, in fact Murray is making more errors now.

Djokovic is starting to creep ahead on every stat I can see.

Murray is looking defeated.

If Murray couldn't win the last point I'm not sure he can win anything in this set!

It's starting to look like this match could be much shorter than predicted.

Wow Djokovic is making a lot of aces, 3 this set already.

Djokovic is doing amazingly, he turned from defence to attack so swiftly, Murray isn't capitalising on points.

Oh Djokovic on three break points. Some hope for Murray, 2-5.

A fantastic first set with Andy Murray losing because Djokovic took a chance moment but awful second set with Andy Murray nearly losing 0-6! But it looks like Andy Murray is starting to creep back into the game.


6-4,6-2 - looks like a comprehensive win from Djokovic.

Looking at 2nd set stats Murray was awful at the start but a slight dip from Djokovic and improvement from Murray saw a saving grace 6-2 set from what looked like a whitewash. Murray's serve is improving but he is down on every other stat and his winners-unforced errors wasn't pretty 5-13. Did take 40 minutes though, a bit longer than expected.

Just looking at the break points at the moment Murray has only had one whilst Djokovic has had seven already.

Murray BREAKS!

I hope Djokovic isn't laxing now because he started to look a bit looser towards the end of the 2nd set.

Linesmen are making stupid calls on Djokovic's shots.

Still too many errors from Murray.


Haven't been updating as I've been looking at stats for the last 15-20 minutes or so.

Quick score update - Djokovic leading 6-4,6-2,4-3 Murray to serve.

Yet another loose cannon from Murray, but Djokovic has the gods behind him his full stretch lobs are landing just in nearly every time!

The end is nigh! Djokovic serves for the match.

Another error from Murray which he should never have made.

MATCH POINT DJOKOVIC! Just after Murray hits the cord line.


Looking at the third set Murray played better but still made 20 unforced errors to 9 winners whilst Djokovic was 10 winners to 12 errors. Though Djokovic had a lot of break points he didn't convert he did enough to win the match easily.

In terms of the whole match Murray's serve just scrapes past 50% at 51% with Djokovic at 67% - you can just see how tough it was on Murray's service game as he served 113 serves compared to 75 from Djokovic. Murray made 47 errors to 21 winners - huge difference, whilst Djokovic did 33 errors to 26 winners, a decent record. Total points won 78-106. 2h37 minutes.

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