Saturday, 29 January 2011

Basil, Bromley North

I forgot to blog about this, it has been a few weeks since I visited this place with a friend. Basil is predominantly a Swedish restaurant with an international menu. There are a lot of pizzas, with interesting toppings, I think there was a kebab pizza! but I didn't want to order a pizza because every time I eat with this particular friend it seems to be pizza! Instead I ordered their speciality Swedish meatballs with a portion of chips. I still remember walking ages around Bromley North trying to find a cheap restaurant because we didn't believe Basil's 50% offer - well I did because I checked it online and recommended this place to him but he didn't believe it and wanted to go to O'Neill's instead.

Oh and if you visit be sure to check out the fish tank lamp shades - thought they were a nice and quite Swedish (IKEA!) accessory. The Swedish meatballs came nicely decorated with some salad a splash of Braun sauce and a pot of lingonberry jam. I thought the meatballs were very tasty, the sauce and jam tasted very nice and distinct, they blended unexpectedly well, though I think it would have been even better if they had a stronger taste. As I don't normally smother things in sauce I didn't use all the jam, maybe they should have mixed it in with the sauce or something I don't know. The chips were nice, can't really say much else about chips.

But the highlight of the meal, besides the conversation, was when the bill came. Whilst I knew the 50% offer I didn't really let it sink in. Our bill was around £12! Two meals and a drink, my friend got tapwater (I think) and the total was £12! You can't get much better than that for dinner! The food in itself was great but added with the bill I think I'll be revisiting Basil in the future.

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