Friday, 21 January 2011

Home Troopers

I liked this series at the start but by the latter episodes it had just changed so much it was unrecognisable. The characters just didn't flow as well because of the unnecessary drama written into the story. The ending was a little bland as well. Whilst it wouldn't fit well with the series I'd almost rather see Liza die to create some sort of reaction rather than the "happily ever after" scenario. I liked the earlier episodes much more for it's hearty family drama appeal.

Best Actor
Ha Yu

Ha Yu always puts in a decent performance. He plays the caring father really well and he has good comedic timing. However I didn't like the Angela Tong and Ha Yu storyline - it never made sense to me and it just didn't seem to have a purpose - and was there a purpose for Angela Tong? I like Angela but her character and some others just didn't seem necessary. I think there were too many characters for this small drama which made it difficult to give all of them enough screen time for their characters to make sense.

Best Actress
Liza Wang

I'm starting to like Liza Wang's acting. The past three or four series Liza Wang has done a very good job I think and Home Troopers continues that trend. I think she portrayed her character very well and made the series more interesting to watch. Her role didn't make sense in the latter episodes because it seemed uncharacteristic of her character to do what she did but she still performed well.

Best Supporting Actor
No Nominees

Best Supporting Actress
Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong continues to impress and in her largest role she has shown the beginnings to a great actress. She is very natural in her emotions I think and her character was portrayed very believably. Good job Mandy.

Best Couple
No Nominees

Most Improved Actor
No Nominees

Most Improves Actress
No Nominees

Favourite Male Character
No Nominees

Favourite Female Character
No Nominees

Breakthrough Performance
No Nominees

Best Chemistry
No Nominees

Most Annoying Character
Christine Kuo

I'm not necessarily annoyed by her performance here but I'm annoyed with Christine because I'm disappointed. I love Christine, she is absolutely beautiful and classy but acting is not her thing and sadly I'd wish she just not pursue it. Her Cantonese is awful and even if she improves it she does not have the confidence to make it not distract. She already seemed very quiet and reserved at Miss Chinese International so I don't see how she could become a good actress. I have to compare her to Fala Chen here, I'm not saying Fala is the best but she has really improved and she is becoming one of the best new line actresses. Fala has the confidence and the charm which makes her a credible actress but Christine doesn't have that and therefore she is better off as eye candy.

Recognition Award
No Nominees

I just wanted to mention Vincent Wong and the two twins even though I haven't nominated them for anything. Vincent did well here, though he didn't stand out I'd say so I haven't nominated him. Whilst the twins did well for newbies but I'm not really bothered about them so I haven't nominated them for anything.

I was going to nominate Kevin Cheng but I felt his character was too one note and his acting was consequently so. Bernice Liu could have been nominated a favourite character award but then her character got confusing and her character was written awfully on the latter episodes.

I leave you now with an image of the cast in Thai costume!

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