Saturday, 29 January 2011

Leong's Legends Continue, Chinatown

Today having been disappointed because there was a powercut at Four Seasons we wondered around Chinatown looking for somewhere to eat. We happened to stop in front of Leong's Legends Continue and decided to try it out. Once inside we realised how dingy the place was, the decor was nice but the place was pretty cramped. We sat on a window seat on the first floor and ordered 5 dishes; Legend's Siu Long Bao, Szechuan Noodle with Pork in Soya Bean Paste, Noodle with Mince Pork in Soup, some deep fried chicken dish and  the pork kebab thing (sorry I can't find their menu online) and I ordered a Ice Pearl Tea with Milk to top it all off.

The Siu Long Bao was lovely, the filling was lovely and the soup fantastic. The skin wasn't the usual type but I liked it, however seeing the usual thin Siu Long Bao skins is one of the attractions of eating Siu Long Bao, however Leong's Legends do make amazing Siu Long Bao, one of the best in London (though I haven't been to any of the expensive restaurants in London). The Szechuan noodles were very tasty but is it a signature dish that I would go back for? I don't think so. The noodle with mince pork in soup was a bit bland if I'm honest, not very interesting. The deep fried chicken was nice but not amazing, the chicken was a little chewy. The pork kebab thing I chose because I've seen it on other blogs and wanted to know what it really was. Upon arrival me and my dad were a bit shocked it was literally Dongpo's Pork in a bun and as it came as a single we tried desperately to cut it in two severing the pork and mashing up everything in between. I liked the dish but I didn't eat the fatty bits. I liked that the Ice Pearl Tea actually tasted of tea! and was fresh made.

All this was a few pence over £30, decent value. I'd like to try the other one at Chinatown though but this was an ok experience that I'd may consider revisiting.

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