Saturday, 8 January 2011

Dragon Castle, Elephant and Castle

As I was reviewing some restaurants I realised I totally forgot to mention Dragon Castle, which I had a "Guo Dong" meal at basically Chinese Thanksgiving. I'm not sure I can remember every dish but I'll do my best. We came as an 8, quite early so the place was nearly empty. 

We ordered; 
Lobster cooked with garlic and spring onions with noodles
(I think we ordered) Garlic sauce with gai lan 
Pork Fillet with chilli and peppercorn 
Steamed Turbot with ginger and spring onion 
(I think) Crispy wafer chicken with golden crushed garlic 
Braised lamb fillet with garlic, ginger and rice win clay pot
Sweet and sour pork

all topped off with a nice bowl of rice.
I personally thought this was a bit too much but the two little monsters we had on our table happily devoured what I thought would be a bit too much for my two grandparents, my dad (who eats very little anyway), two small children and two adults - of course me as well.

The lobster came first, as customary. I love lobster and especially lobster with noodles. I think the lobster here was done nicely, two live lobsters would just come under £50. However I personally have not had any bad experiences of this dish because it's quite common for Chinese feasts.
The gai lan was very nice, if I remember correctly. Quite crunchy and tasted just right.
The pork fillet was one also done very well though even for a table of 8 we found the offering a bit too large - which is a good thing!
The turbot I didn't really like, I've never liked eating steamed fish outside of Asia as I just don't find the fish fresh tasting. The fish also felt slightly undercooked - it was huge as well.
The chicken was a bit too dry if I must say, it actually seems to be quite difficult to get this dish right.
The braised lamb fillet was crazy! The lamb was so soft! I didn't know what to think of it. In one way it was good because it melted in your mouth but on the other hand it just seemed a bit too soft. There wasn't much of it either.
I personally didn't taste the sweet and sour pork as I'm not a fan of it.
We also got complementary orange slices which was nice, though customary for such a large meal. The price wasn't too bad either, I think it was around £180, about £20-£25 per person, good considering we ordered seafood.

Overall it was a nice experience, it wasn't necessarily the best Chinese I've had but it is better than quite a few of its competitors. Oh one thing I didn't realise was that you could choose something e.g. lobster, crab, gai lan etc. and then chose how it would be cooked. That's quite a nice touch but we didn't notice that and just ordered from the top of our heads.

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