Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires is possibly the best DW game I've played, I love it! The graphics are great, they have definitely spent time improving the small things for this game. The character diversity is amazing, for the main game you can basically chose anyone from a selection of 100's. The character creation is fantastic for a DW game and much stylish compared to say Virtua Tennis 2009. I love the empires mode which allows you to be anything from a vagrant to the ruler of the land! This game is so close to what I've been looking for in a DW game.

Negatives, are there any? I think the only negative which isn't really just this game is the character design. The character design is good but I loved the old character designs so much more, since the change in DW6 I've just not been as keen on how some of the characters look.

Graphics: 8.5 (Oh these are definitely the best DW has offered us)
Characters: 9 (If it weren't for the change in design and the dropping of some much loved characters I would have given this a 10)
Gameplay: 8 (I like the gameplay but something hinders it for me)
Game Design: 9.5 (Everything classic is still there whilst I love the new blue design)
Longevity: 8 (DW games last long, at least for me but I'm never bothered to level up to the top for each character)

Score: 43/50 (86%)
This is a great score, I don't think I anticipated how much I'd like this. Sadly I've got little time to play this at the moment, hopefully I'll get a bit more time through Christmas.

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