Monday, 14 December 2009

Sports Personality Awards

I don't really follow this award nor did I know that it actually happened - I only knew this morning. I was absolutely shocked that Ryan Giggs won, the question that comes to my head is WHY? Ryan Giggs is a great football player, I acknowledge that but his individual merit this year seems to be lacking. It's great to know he won the PFA Player of the Year but has he in any way garnered attention this year? And let me emphasize; attention as a group isn't individual attention. He is a great player but if his win wasn't really specific to the year but his career in general wouldn't it be more fitting to award it to him in a weaker field? I just find it shocking that he actually won by a landslide of votes. Isn't there a team award? Wouldn't it be better to award them the Best Team?

I think the top five should have been Jenson Button, Jessica Ennis, Phillips Idowu, Beth Tweddle and David Haye, I've skipped Tom Daley because he already got a Young personality thing.

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