Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Plane Crash!

I just watched the most recent episode of desperate housewives and I just thought I'd get on the bandwagon on who's going to die!!!!!!!
Anyway, back to sanity...

It's obvious that Orson or Karl, or both, will die as the house they were in was hit directly by the plane. Everybody is saying Orson will die but I think Karl will! I just don't see Bree's story to get interesting if it was Karl alive and Orson dead, the whole Karl/Bree/Orson thing hanged on Bree having an affair - I reiterate BREE HAVING AN AFFAIR! If Orson died then Karl and Bree would just be Karl and Bree, not "Karl and, Bree having an affair with Karl over Orson, Bree" It's obvious Karl and Bree wouldn't last so if Orson died all the writers could do would be to have a huge breakup (after two months) of Karl leaving Bree - he's a divorce lawyer as well! (or actually Bree feeling so guilty that she leaves Karl) and then Bree possibly becoming an alcoholic again! BUT if Orson lived then the writers could continue the feud the two have and maybe they can be happy again. Bree's story would just collapse without Orson.

In actual fact, I want to put this somewhat ludicrous idea out! Supposedly Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) wants to quit Desperate Housewives so maybe the writers will write him in as, trying to break up the feud between Karl and Orson and therefore say he was in the "Santa's grotto thing" with the other two men. A far-fetched idea but a possible one.

Supposedly two housewives are hit hardly (not by the plane, and no pun intended). I don't see Susan losing anyone, it would be pointless to kill off Julie or Mike whilst some speculators say Katherine - no way! Nor would it be Dylan, that'd be stupid! So therefore I think it ends up with either Gabrielle or Lynette.

Possibilities with Gabrielle - Well personally I don't think it's likely as obviously Gabrielle will forgive Lynette for saving her daughter therefore her daughter can't die. Therefore in actual fact I don't think it's a possibility.

Possibilities with Lynette - The obvious choice. Now who's "killable" in the Lynette household? You know Lynette's son, Parker, he was randomly featured quite heavily this episode, maybe it's a last hurrah! Just a thought. But I think her twins (unborn) will probably go. In trying to save Celia Lynette will probably crash into some curb or something and then lose her babies; Gabrielle will feel so bad and therefore forgive her and then as Lynette is no longer pregnant she gets her job back - just my thought, but I think the most plausible one. However we seem to be missing the "fan favourite" bit in my analysis. Maybe it's going to be Karen McCluskey as she was shown running away from the plane with her lover. Oh but supposedly Lynette will have a child next season with some disability so my analysis may be totally wrong.

Can I just question one thing... Supposedly when the show returns in January the move will be 20 year onwards, to a somewhat prediction of the future - will the ladies still play their roles when they are possibly in their 70's?

Bob and Lee (the gay couple) could possibly go, they haven't provided any new plots or contributed to anything this season so maybe it's time for them to go.

Of course Mona dies and don't forget to count the stupid wife and his husband!

Felicity Huffman said the fan favourite is one a lot of people have a crush on? Orson (Kyle Maclachlan) said he would be still alive so I guess the one everybody has a crush on is Karl.

Oh oh oh... what about Danny (or Tyler) Bolen; just thought that maybe Angie will start pouring her heart out or getting even more protective if Danny gets killed - very unlikely but still just putting it out there.

Whilst just as I'm on the topic, I'm so disappointed with what they are doing with Ana Solis, which is nothing! Why bother then!

So the hitlist for me looks like:
Guy in the house: Karl
Fan Favourite: Karen McKluskey? Possible unless Karl is the fan favourite or actually Andrew.
Heartthrob: Well it's probably Karl but I wouldn't count out Andrew actually
The other one!: One of Lynette's babies maybe.

So the 2 or 3 dead is... Karl, Andrew, Babies with an outside chance of Karen McKluskey - in my opinion anyway.

Basically this crash will hit Bree hardest whilst Gabrielle and Lynette will repair their friendship.

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