Sunday, 13 December 2009

Miss World - goes to... Gibraltar!

I was quite shocked when I read this, I hadn't followed the pageant like I wanted to so I didn't really have any favourites but from what I read France, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Vietnam were the hot favourites - even Scotland was in for a shot. I knew Gibraltar won Beach Beauty and that's a good sign of a good delegate - winning either Top Model or Beach Beauty, but in all honesty I was expecting a Mexico Vs. South Africa brawl, they eventually came 2nd and 3rd respectively. France came 4th - yeah! and Canada came 5th - wow go Lena! You former Miss Chinese International girl! Do us Asians proud! lol! Puerto Rico wasn't even in the Top 16! Anyway congrats to Gibraltar - she's definitely not a bad delegate and I guess it's kind of a win for the UK!!! I am sad that Miss England was blanked the whole way through, she was decent! Oh and I'm also quite happy that Gibraltar broke the South and Central America streak.

Anyway this pageant month has got me in the mood for revisiting some past pageants- one of my favourite delegates of recent times has got to be Miss Korea Universe 2007 HONEY LEE! She's acting now so I'll get to see a lot more of her! I JUST LOVE SOUTH KOREA! (emphasis on the South), I wonder when Korea will give us another stunner. In fact I want 2007 all over again!

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