Sunday, 13 December 2009

X Factor - sick of it!

I always find myself watching the first say 6 episodes an then not bothering anymore - this goes with any music competition actually. I just think that after about 6 episodes we've got to see the contestants enough to know who we like and who has the potential to be a hit (with us), after that its just all the same again; nothing fresh all just prefabricated British TV! X Factor needs an utter revamp, I hate how it has somehow been increasing in viewer ratings when in actually fact it's going downhill. What's even worse is that very few X Factor contestants ever get to the "top" of the music industry. We seem to love them and then dish them away, basically because another year and there's another crop of wannabes we'd like to love! In a way X Factor kind of exploits these guys and then trashes them. When the brand name is bigger than the actual contestant I think the show starts to become pointless.

Another thing, how many of these contestants would you actually buy an album from? Olly - nah he's more stage presence, may do OK in concert ticket sales, Joe - nah, he's more of a theatre guy, sign him on a theatre production, maybe sales would go up, Danyl - dunno, a bit too nasally, Stacey - no way! Lovely personality but average voice, Jamie - nah, stage performance guy. In the end nobody can really sell so why bother? Why bother with someone who is going to bring like 5 minutes of entertainment and then disappear from the face of the earth! The "biggest" thing this show has made - Leona Lewis, even she seems to be losing it a bit - I wonder where she'll be 5 years on? Basically I kind of hate the X Factor brand - I don't hate the contestants or the judges, I hate the brand that it has made.

Olly and Joe in the final, congrats - like I didn't predict that 6 weeks ago. I'd almost like the show more if it just said - ok this week we are voting 4 of you off - bye bye! Just do something different - PLEASE! It's just same old auditions and bootcamp, then same old song and theme for the live shows. There needs to be a new show in town to brighten things up as it's just becoming monotonous. Anyway I hope Joe and Olly do well in their careers, I guess Joe will go into theatre and Olly will do a few gigs around the country and then think about an album - anyway congrats to you guys and good luck in your future careers - hopefully you won't be forgotten like the whole morgue of past X factor contestants!

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