Sunday, 6 December 2009

TVB Awards Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

Great for a none actor to win this award but what annoys me is that Rosy Business dominated most awards, even this one!

Best Performance Award

This award should be called the Breakthrough Performance Award imo. I do believe Tavia deserves this for all the hard work and commitment she’s made to this industry, she’s also a stellar actress but calling this award the performance award has turned quite a few heads, therefore making this award sound less important is vital imo. Popularity Award

Personally I don’t think this should be voted, I think it should be a aggregate score of ratings, blog views and voting and personally I was a bit disappointed that Wayne won this award because I really don’t think Chai Gau should get as much recognition as it has. Wayne definitely deserves recognition but Chai Gau (the character) was plain annoying.

Best Drama Series

The 4 of them were predictable and seeing how Dayo Wong was nominated for both awards You’re Hired was also relatively obvious. Of course Born Rich and The Gem of Life were good series but they just didn’t get the ratings.

Most Improved Female Artist

SO SO Obvious. I actually predicted correctly all of the winners, whether they deserved it or not. Aimee isn’t as bad as everybody is saying I think, at least imo she’s better is better than Kate Tsui when she started. It’s obvious that Sharon wouldn’t win this award because people that win this are generally people that are being promoted and therefore Aimee Chan was the most obvious choice. Of course Sharon deserves it more.

Most Improved Male Artist

Guessed this too, Pierre Ngo! Another sweep by the Rosy Business cast. Personally I like Raymond Wong more and I think he has improved but it was obvious that TVB and insiders favoured Pierre more.

Favourite Female Character

I was quite shocked that Charmaine got two nominations, possibly to make her seem important without having won any awards. Slightly confused why Anita Yuen wasn’t nominated because I thought she would have been liked by the general public (I know I like her!) Teresa being nominated here was somewhat unexpected considering Louise wasn’t considered and she was sitting there the whole night!

Favourite Male Character

At first I was quite shocked that Wong Hei didn’t get nominated as I thought everybody loved him in Burning Flame III but then I understood, Kevin Cheng was equally liked in Burning Flame III so by nominating him for Beyond the Realm of Conscience you’ve at least got someone who was in Burning Flame III and in Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Considering so many of the nominated artistes weren’t there I’m actually shocked that Roger Kwok even bothered going as he wasn’t even nominated for Best Actor and he wasn’t even in the top 5 for Favourite Male – he doesn’t deserve it, but it’s quite shocking for what TVB normally would do. I was somewhat shocked that Wayne Lai won this when he also won the thing. I’d think that Michael Tse would have won the so it would be 2-2, instead TVB must have deemed Turning Point to be a big reward for Michael Tse and therefore need only give him 1 award whilst Wayne 3. I still dislike how much recognition Wayne is getting for a character that is a stuck up twit.

Best Supporting Actress

I predicted all 5 of those getting in, somewhat shocked now to think that Fala actually made it over Kara Hui, the recent Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress and Mary Hon another “Beyond” actress.

Best Supporting Actor

I got 3 out of 5 here for predictions, I didn’t anticipate Pierre’s popularity so I would have chosen him if I knew whilst I’d say the same for Lee Kwok Lun. Considering all that the top 5 is actually quite predictable. Shame to Ron Ng who just doesn’t seem to be anywhere, he’s possible done the best he’s done since entering the industry but he’s basically blanked, he use to be 2nd on the Raymond/Ron/Sammul/Kenneth/Bosco list but now he’s like last!

Best Actress

A very predictable top 5, in my opinion Anita and Kathy should also have been considered but their series have just not been good enough in a year dominated by Rosy and Beyond (but the awards obviously say Rosy over Beyond).

Best Actor

I am shocked Bosco made it, I think they allowed him in because he probably won’t stand a chance for a long time afterwards considering Raymond is going to be back but it’s still quite a shock, however contrary to what other people think I actually liked Bosco’s performance and was happy for him. Still quite shocked he was chosen over Kevin and Wong Hei! Steven Ma was quite a shock, obviously a power from Catherine Tsang, Miss Lok is definitely losing the battle between the two devils! I wonder if TVB will ever make a TV series of the two! That would be so funny! They should series into 4 ages and have different actresses playing them. Tavia Vs. Myolie – when they are young, Ada Vs. Jessica when they are in their 30’s. Michelle Vs. Susan Tse when they are in their 40’s-50’s and maybe Suet Nei Vs. Lee Heung Kam when they are 60’s+! Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai and Paul Chun can be Tommy Leung whilst Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Wong Hei, Chung King Fai can play Stephen Chan! Oh I fear I’m becoming obsessed!

Basically very few things shocked me but I was annoyed not to see Ada there. Only about 3 of 5 nominees were in each category – not in Steven Ma was there and he’s a contracted artiste! They really need to make the old artistes come back e.g. Ada, Jessica,Kenix – considering they all filmed series this year.

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  1. "I still dislike how much recognition Wayne is getting for a character that is a stuck up twit." -- BLESS you! OK I concede Wayne Lai's acting skills but find it appalling that he swept 3 awards, especially since one of them is already the top prize and even more so when Laughing was at least as deserving of the Fave Character award if not more so, given how his movie performed at the box office. Huge shame...