Sunday, 13 December 2009

Strictly Final

I can't believe Ali is out and here's me thinking that the audience didn't like Ricky anymore. Personally I think Ali is slightly (only slightly) overrated but she is still way better than Chris Hollins. I love Chris, especially his Charleston, but for him to make the final over Ali is a bit of a joke! Supposedly he is favourite to win as well! I hope not! From the start I tipped Ricky to win, he has been through a few rough patches but hopefully the audience will crown the best dancer.

The finals will be very predictable, it's obvious that Ricky will score much higher than Chris but it all depends on the viewers as the scores don't really make much of a difference it's whether the public liked it or not. If Chris wins it'll be the biggest shock (for me anyway) since Darren Gough won, simply because Darren Gough beat Zoe Ball and Colin Jackson who were, simply put, better than him. Strictly has crowned the worst of the final 3 before, Darren Gough, Tom Chambers and to an extent Mark Ramprakash - I think Emma Bunton was better than him but not Matt Dawson.

Anyway if Chris Hollins wins I'll be happy for him, but not all to pleased considering he's never passed 35/40 or equivalent 44/50 - not including Series 1 he'll be the 2nd worst Top 3 competitor in Strictly history - tipped by Julian Clary but he was on a world of his own.

One add on, I hate how everybody seems to be emphasizing on there only being 2 full marks this series, lets go back before Cycle 6, where the judges went on overload with 10's. In series 1 the highest mark was 37! In Series 2 only Jill and Darren got a 40. Series 3 didn't have any full marks and that year we had Zoe and Colin, Series 4 had only 1 full mark, awarded to Mark Ramprakash's salsa, Alesha Dixon never got a 40 in Series 5 either, only Matt Di Angelo got a 40, so why is everyone going "HEY where are the 40's?" The big 40 should be an illustrious title, not just given freely! Series 6 was crazy in that 40's came out left right and centre, personally I don't think Series 6 deserved that many 40's but they did have one of the best final 4's Austin, Lisa, Rachel, Tom. Basically if even one of the judges never got a 40 why are we complaining that Ali only has 2 and Ricky has none? I do however agree that the contestants have not performed to their quality regularly. Ali, for me, rarely ever hit her potential, Ricky has only begun to realise his potential recently whilst Chris has probably exceeded his. Laila really didn't capitalise on hers, she had so much ballroom potential but there was a physical barrier with her. Jade and Zoe left prematurely as well, so it isn't that this years contestants aren't as good it's just that none of them really performed to their best - maybe that comes down to the experience of the professionals teaching - lets remember that Brian hasn't been here for that long, I know little about Natalie and James I don't like! lol. Anyway next saturday will answer all my questions.

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