Friday, 25 December 2009


I'm going to try and refrain from talking about the Christmas special as I'm not too interested in what actually happened - however extremely happy that Chris came last in the scores, I think I'll leave it at that. Anyway after 7 series, wow 7 series already, I though it would be quite nice to collate my favourite ensemble of dancers - wouldn't it be nice if they could do something like that, get the best of the best into one series! I've tried to put my favourites and ability into consideration rather than just popularity. Anyway here's how my list goes!!!
Denise Lewis & Ian Waite (2)
Zoe Ball & Ian Waite (3)
Emma Bunton & Darren Bennett (4)
Alesha Dixon & Matthew Cutler (5)
Kelly Brook & Brendan Cole (5)
Rachel Stevens & Vincent Simone (6)
Lisa Snowdon & Brendan Cole (6)
Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna (7)
Laila Rouass & Anton Du Beke (7)
Jade Johnson & Ian Waite (7)
Colin Jackson & Erin Boag (3)
Matt Di Angelo & Flavia Cacace (5)
Gethin Jones & Camilla Dallerup (5)
Tom Chambers & Camilla Dallerup (6)
Austin Healey & Erin Boag (6)
Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe (7)
Not everyone will be happy with "MY" 16 but I emphasize this is my favourite 16.
Sad Omissions
Cherie Lunghi - I'm so sad to lose her but it had to be. I'm amazed I decided to save Lisa instead but I remember Cherie falling week on week so I'd rather keep sweet memories!
Mark Ramprakas - loved him but I loved the others more.
Jill Halfpenny - I like her now but I just loved Denise more in Series 2
Matt Dawson - I like Matt but I remember not liking him before
Louisa Lytton - The cast was just too strong
Letitia Dean - Loved her but yet again cast was too strong
Penny Lancaster - Loved her but didn't see enough of her.
Gabby Logan - Same as above
Claire King and Mark Foster nearly made my list!
The perfect series would be that all the contestants had 2 months of intensive behind the scenes training and then by the live shows every week 2 couples leave until the Top 2. Each week there will be two dances and the judges scores will be 45% then audience scores will be 30% and then TV viewers will be 25%. This is so that popularity doesn't affect the scorings too much.
I think my favourite Final 2 would be Alesha Dixon Vs. Austin Healey.
Though I'm starting to get a bit tired of Strictly now I'll definitely stick to the next series, they need to cut it down a bit but keep or even increase the per episode budget. They also need to cut some of the worst dancers much quicker like two per episode! Keep the dance off so some of the best are safe and make sure the winner is actually one of the best!

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