Saturday, 19 December 2009


Chris and Ola are Strictly 2009 Champions! WHAT! I love Chris but come on! Ricky is the better dancer by far. Ali and Jade are better than Chris even Zoe who went out halfway is better than Chris and I'd say Laila could have been better than Chris. I adore Chris, he is so cute with Ola but Ricky should have won. I'm sorry but this win is nearly as bad as Darren Gough beating Colin Jackson. Though I like underdogs and personality in the end I champion the person who really deserves it and that was Ricky Whittle, but Strictly fans are known to chose the weaker contestant, Darren Gough, Mark Ramprakash, Tom Chambers, basically whenever it's a male winner it's generally because of their personality. Whenever it's a girl they are generally the better dancer... Natasha Kaplinsky, Jill Halfpennny, Alesha Dixon.


  1. It is untrue to suggest that Mark Ramprakash won Strictly when he was a weaker candidatethan others who did not win. Although his average score was slightly lower than that of Emma Bunton this was the result of it being more difficult for the male contestants as they have to lead. It is much easier for a woman to be led by a professional man.

    Up to the point when Emma was voted out of series 4 in the semi-final both Emma and Mark had been top of the leader board 6 times. Emma was very consistent dancer throughout the competition. Mark's performances were more variable, but when he was good he was electrifying.

    Before the competition started Emma was installed as the favourite but very soon Mark and Karen had taken over and were the bookies favourite all along.

    When the BBC showed an hour long special program about Stricly, Tess told us that whenever Mark and Karen danced, everyone in the studio - dancers, celebs and BBC employees - stopped to watch their dances. She had never seen anything like it.

    Mark and Karen won SCD on merit. They were the best couple in their series.

  2. I do agree that Mark Ramprakash was a good dancer, the only reason why I grouped him with the other men is because unlike Alesha, Jill and actually Natasha he wasn't, outright, the best dancer of the series. I'd say Mark and Emma were basically always fighting for that position but if we look at Natasha (I don't really like her) she was the only decent one there. If we look at Jill (I orignally loved Denise but looking at how Jill can still dance like years after her win I had to adore her) she was like always at the top. If we look at Alesha, she was definitely the most consistently good out of the lot. Basically I believe Mark and Karen DID win on merit but also with the publics' support. If Emma Bunton had the publics' support then it would have been tougher competition for Mark just like if Rachel Stevens (or even to an extent Lisa Snowdon) and Ali Bastian had more support they could have probably won their series.

    Anyway I'm really happy that you commented HeidiB, hopefully you will read my comment. Also just wanted to know someone else's opinion on the 10 thing. What do you think is the reason for judges giving out many more 10's than they use to? Is it to increase viewership, better teaching, better celebrities, more teaching time, judges becoming more lenient? I just don't like how the judges are throwing out 10's now that even Chris and Ola got a full 50, I just don't think that the celebrities now are any better than the celebrities before who died to get a 38!

  3. I disagree. Mark was the best dancer in his series. Emma was good, but bland ,although she had previously recieved dance lessons at Stage school.

    At this stage we come to an impasse. You say one thing and you say another. The fact is that Ramps was enormously popular with the public and Emma less so. I would argue that this was not because he was a man but because of the brilliant dances he performed. Yes, he is good looking - so is Emma. He had an excellent partner - as had Emma; Darren Bennet had won a previous series.

  4. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I utterly respect yours it's just that I feel that Mark won because of publics' support and then as he was a good dancer also, there was all the more reason for a largely female audience to vote for him. There's no point in debating about this anymore as it's obvious that you believe Mark was the best and I believe that Emma and Mark were on par with each other. I don't believe that professional dancers influence votes that much to be honest. It would however be interesting to see a Mark Vs. Emma Christmas Special!

    Anyway lets just leave it at that and agree to disagree :).