Sunday, 13 December 2009

Miss Chinese International 2010

Whilst I'm in a blogging mood lets get everything out of the way (even though I've got hell-loads of homework ;(. I fear Miss Chinese International will soon die out as it has got like 0 attention - oh well. I've only seen a few candidates but I have to say this year looks to be underwhelming. Current observations suggest that the Top 5 will probably be Miss Hong Kong, Miss Vancouver, the eventual winner of Miss Europe, Miss Asian America and Miss Macau. I must say there are some decent delegates in the bunch and I shouldn't really judge when all I have is basically one grainy picture of every delegate! I'd like to see the final bunch as at the moment it seems like the group is very thin. Miss Hong Kong - Sandy Lau, she participated in Miss World but didn't get a look-in because she's simply too short. Miss Vancouver looks Ok but from the pictures I've seen there has definitely been prettier delegates from this city. Miss Asian America is probably the prettiest contestant I've seen at the moment - though she's 27! Miss Macau is decent but she needs to brush up on her presentation as she's a bit stiff whilst the eventual winner of Miss Europe will probably be Ok as there are about 3 or 4 good ones in that bunch. Well the finals will probably be at the end of January so we'll see what happens then! (at least the calibre shouldn't be lower than 2007, some great delegates but an overall weak bunch).

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