Sunday, 29 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing

Haven't posted in a while but now we're down to the final 4 so had to post! The shows seen a lot of ups and downs this series with Zoe and James going much earlier than expected and Jade and Ian leaving due to injury, its been sad but I have to say I like this years final 4! I must say I'm shocked that Chris and Ola are still here but I like them, unless they win! I wouldn't mind Ali, Ricky or Laila winning but I think Ali or Ricky deserves it more. Anyway this week the couples did two dances, I thought Chris and Ola's Charleston was the best of the night, closely followed by Ali and Brian. I think Ali danced better but Chris and Ola made me smile throughout. Natalie was sadly the worst of the night, on both occasions but it was time for her to leave anyway. I fear that Laila will be leaving next week unless she has a stellar performance, personally I think Laila has a lot more to give than Chris but she's metaphorically hit a roadblock and just doesn't know how to manoeuvre across it. I think Ali and Brian are the judges favourites at the moment but I'm not going to predict who'll win. I think it's between Ali and Ricky but I just don't know who has got the popularity vote as Ricky was in the bottom 2 this week when he scored higher than Laila but Ali has been in the bottom 2 before. It's difficult!

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