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Binibining Pilipinas 2011

As I'm going to university next year I have decided to follow as much pageantry as possible this year. Sadly I won't be able to watch Miss USA live but I'll definitely watch it as soon as I can. You may remember that I followed Miss Venezuela this year and was utterly disappointed, well I've set myself another challenge - Binibining Pilipinas. This year is really strong, last year was strong with a lot of great contestants but this year has an ever tougher competition. I'm so excited to see who wins because unlike last year there are at least 5 or 6 girls who could win it. It's a shame that they won't be choosing a girl for Miss World since there are so many great contestants but it'll be interesting to see what happens with the Miss Philippines World title.

Now I'm going to do a short commentary on all the girls before I tell you who are my Top 15 and Wildcards.

01. Zephorah Mayon

It's always difficult to be the first girl but if you have the goods it's also the best position to be in. Zephorah is a good contestant with a lovely face and well toned body. She has the potential to make it to the Top 10/15 - whatever it will be but she hasn't shone as much as some other contestants.

02. Elizabeth Durado Clenci

Elizabeth is a beautiful girl but is she didn't win the National Costume competition she would not have been in contention. Her body needs serious toning and her body proportions aren't great we'll see what happens to her on the finals.

03. Carolyn Ty

I like Carolyn, she has something rather captivating to her looks but yet she isn't a standout in this competition. She hasn't really done anything of note yet and that's why her chances of making the Top 15 are slim.

04. Gianna Threse S. Quintos

She has a very tones body and a decent look but she is forgettable and will probably be forgotten on the night.

05. Jennielyn Natividad

Jennielyn is a decent candidate, heck most of these girls are but she hasn't stood out and she has this liability to look a bit weak at times. She needs to know her angles so that she gets the best look on the night.

06. Patricia Tumulak

This girl has it, she is beautiful and fierce! But her height is a huge disadvantage at MU. I have heard so many reports of how nice she is so hopefully she'll also be a favourite of the judges too.

07. Angelia Ong

Underrated and beautiful East Asian complexion. I just want to see more of her.

08. Marie Kristina May Marasigan

I read that she was a finalist at Ford Supermodel of the World, wow why did I not know this earlier? She was one of my favourites anyway but now she has solidified her place. I don't know why she hasn't stood out more though.

09. Bernadette Aguirre

This girl isn't bad but she has very square shoulders and quite a muscular build making her rather masculine in comparison to some of these girls, thus she is one of the weaker contestants.

10. Hazelyn Santos

This girl looks like a young Susan Tse to me! She is pretty but she hasn't stood out and is rather much in the background.

11. Diana Arevalo

Now I don't know what happened the last time she applied but this girl is gorgeous. She has the potential to take it all, however she hasn't really been a favourite, more of a darkhorse.

12. Carla Lacson

She hasn't really featured on my list, she is pretty but nothing about her stand outs to me.

13. Queenierich Rehman

She has an interesting look and a well toned body, she doesn't scream winner to me though but she is definitely a darkhorse.

14. Marish Alyssa Marquinez

She looks very sweet and demure but that is her downfall. She seems really quiet and that's just not the way to go with pageantry. I do like her though.

15. Arabella Hanesh

This girl has the potential and has the confidence and smile but something just doesn't add up for me.

16. Sabrinne Al-Tawil

Regal and exotic, an early favourite but she has seemingly fallen from a lot of people's list.

17. Gerlie Lero

She over-exaggerates a bit too much, she needs to tame it down.

18. Teresa Pamela Ludovice

She just doesn't really stand out to me.

19. Wendy Lucas

An underdog, I wonder how she'll perform on the night. There are a lot of tough competitors this year, Wendy being one of them but she hasn't seemed to caught the attention of the public yet.

20. Jeanette Mieko Noguchi

Jeanette has huge potential, I love her english! lol. She is however a bit raw but if she does produce the goods I know she'll have the passion to improve.

21. Kenneth Shane Dimaapi

Kenneth caught my eye early on she has a very interesting look but her body needs serious toning and she looks pissed a lot of the time, and I wonder who named her - I've never heard of a girl called Kenneth or Shane but I must say I do like it.

22. Paula Camille Figueras

She has potential but so do a lot of girls. She can look a bit old in comparison so she needs to play the fresh or regal card.

23. Luzelle Felipe

She does have a very Filipina vibe to me but she doesn't stand out and she doesn't look very invested.

24. Martha Chloe McCulley

Martha is gorgeous, she has one of the best faces this year but her body needs toning quickly.

25. Isabella Manjon

At first I wasn't convinced but this girl won me over, she is fierce! She is also naturally very beautiful but she needs to watch out, she can photograph badly because of her square jaws and proportionately big head.

26. Shamcey Supsup

Shamcey is regal and exotic, I love that she is a training architect as well. Go Shamcey!

27. Janine Tugonon

Janine is a dark horse, she has been under the radar for quite a long time but she has the package to go far.

28. Joanna Tuazon

This girl only recently got through after Bianca Paz's disqualification. When I was looking at the prelim photos she did stand out and I was asking why she didn't get in but amongst this pack I think she may be out of her depth.

29. Krystle Ann Grant

She has a lovely smile and great complexion but she isn't fierce enough so to say. She is a great looking girl but doesn't really strike me as a frontrunner.

30. Kathleen Subijano

Kathleen has this regal quality about her, she is a grower - in terms of likeability. At first I wasn't sure but I do like her now.

31. Samantha Purvor

I loved her at the swimsuit round but she hasn't really stood out at any other time. I don't know and wonder why.

32. Jenn-Roe Gubat

This girl can be fierce, she has an interesting looking face but she worries me, I don't know how far she could actually get.

33. Dianne Necio

The comeback queen, it would be a shame if she placed lower but then I think she was rather lucky last year, she was one of the favourites but I'd argue that Helen Nicolette Henson should have placed above her. This year is a tougher competition so she shouldn't feel disappointed if she doesn't make it to 1st Runner Up or above but I think she would.

34. Mary Jean Lastimosa

MJ! lol. She became a favourite after the swimsuit competition. She is undeniably fierce with a hot hot body but she lacks something, I also find that her face can look a bit odd at times.

35. Suzette Hernandez

Not really sure about her, she's ok but not a contender.

36. Camille Alexis Baltazar

Another beautiful girl but she hasn't made as much as an impact as some so I think it'll be a challenge for her to make it further in this competition.

37. Sarah Nicole Clenci

Another Clenci, I think she is the better of the two, a lovely face and fresh look but I think she may be too young but I think she's underrated.

38. Ladylyn Riva

She has potential but amongst so many good girls she isn't really standing out.

39. Glennifer Perido

Another girl with potential but her bone structure ages her quite a lot.

40. Monique Manuel

There are angles where she looks good but then I find her kind of average compared to the rest.

Now onto my favourites!!! I have listed 27 girls... 27? Well I like the number 27. The other 13 girls still have potential but this year is just so tough.

The 7 Wildcards

27th. Kathleen Subijano
Kathleen Subijano begins my list, she has the pageant blood in her but to be honest it would take quite a lot for her to take one of the crowns.

26th. Elizabeth Clenci

Elizabeth is a beautiful girl, she pushes into this list because of her National Costume win but I don't think she is in contention.

25th. Luzelle Felipe

Luzelle is a huge underdog, she has garnered the support of fans she could pull off a shocker and make the Tourism Queen title but I doubt it.

24th. Arabella Hanesh

Arabella is a confident competitor so it's not impossible for her to make the cut but she'll need to muster all her ability to make a crown.

23rd. Krystle Ann Grant

Krystle's attributes are her fresh looks and bright smile. I can see her being a shocker.

22nd. Kenneth Dimaapi

Kenneth is not going to make it, at least I really doubt it, but she does have potential.

21st. Carolyn Ty

Carolyn was an early sentimental favourite of mine but she has slowly slipped for me, still I would love to see her perform well on the night.

The 5 Dark Horses
20th. Zephorah Mayon

No.1's have a good chance of making it, Zephorah is no easy competitor so a place is not unlikely.

19th. Camille Alexis Baltazar

Camille has a lot of potential, she wouldn't make a bad winner but she just hasn't stood out.

18th. Paula Camille Figueras

Paula has this air of sophistication about her, it's not impossible that this would attract the judges, we'll just have to see if she makes it.

17th. Janine Tugonon

Janine has bundles of potential, she may be overlooked but I think she looks sweet and charming.

16th. Samantha Purvor

I don't know how Samantha pulled it out of the bag on the Swimsuit presentation but for that reason she heads my dark horses list.

Top 15
15th. Queenierich Rehman

She is a very strong competitor however I just find that amongst the favourites she doesn't shine as much. I wouldn't like to see her winning the Top 2 prizes but anything amongst the Top 15 is ok for me.

14th. Jenn-Roe Gubat

Miss Jenn could look fantastic with the right make up but her meet and greet wasn't that strong imo so she needs to up her game if she is going to sneak in.

13th. Jeanette Noguchi

She's sophisticated and eloquent, however she isn't a strong performer, she'll need to improve her catwalk to get in with a slot.

12th. Angelia Ong

Angelia Ong is a huge underdog she hasn't been featured as one of the favourites but I think she should. I doubt she'll make the cut but lets hope.

11th. Mary Jan Lastimosa

A lot of you'll be thinking - what! But tbh I still don't fully see it with Lastimosa. I like her and she is hot but something doesn't work out. She is however good looking on most angles and could easily fit into Miss Universe but personally she isn't one of my top favourites.

10th. Wendy Lucas

Wendy has been under the radar for some reason, I don't get that, she has a beautiful look and a great body. She looks slightly Japanese to me as well. Anyway she'll be a great contender, though I'm not sure if she'll do well internationally.

9th. Isabella Manjon

Isabella is an interesting proposition, I wonder how far she'll get. I think she could be a good contender at Miss Universe but she'll need to brush up on a few things first.

8th. Sabrinne Al-Tawil

Sabrinne is beautiful and exotic I think she'll fit perfectly into Miss International but there are even stronger competitors to fill that role I think.

7th. Diana Arevalo

Diana Arevalo is hot, however she's also slightly under the radar. I don't think she'll get a crown but she could fit into Miss Universe I think.

6th. Sarah Clenci

I haven't see Sarah in anybodies Top 15 but I love her, fresh and exuberant. Yes she is rather raw and should reapply in 3 or 4 years time but she is nonetheless a great competitor that could benefit from a bit of international experience.

Top 5

So Top 5 time, most pageant experts will realise there are some glaring omissions, these obviously will be the Top 5, at least I myself have covered all the favourites.

5th.Martha McCulley

Martha was long part of my Top 10 however I never thought of pushing her into my Top 5 until now. She just has such a gorgeous face, I don't think she should be sent to international pageants yet because her body needs some toning but if Diane Necio got 1st Runner Up last year Martha McCulley should also be given a spot and then reapply next year with a fitter body.

4th. Marie Marasigan

Marie is an underdog she could be a good choice for a smaller pageant but I just wish they give her a chance because she has so much potential and she has the confidence to move upwards

Binibining Pilipinas Tourism Queen International
Dianne Necio

Dianne is one of my favourites, I don't know if she is definitely part of my Top 3 but I want her to get a crown, to be brutally honest I don't want to see her in another year as that would look a little desperate. Dianne would be a hot contender in a small competition and she has improved since last year.

Binibining Pilipinas International

Shamcey is perfect for Miss World but as there isn't a crown for Miss World I think International would be the next best step. She needs to get a crown, she deserves it. I just hope she does well.

Binibining Pilipinas Universe
Patricia Tumulak

Ok, Patricia is undoubtedly my favourite competitor, she has been since the start. Yes she looks a bit done up but I still like her thus she ranks first on my list. However she isn't suited to Miss Universe, she'll probably be better off at Miss International simply because of her height. Her face will fit perfectly into Brazil but her height will be eaten up by the girls who tower over her. It's a shame but even Patricia wouldn't be able to overcome the height problem and thus so that she isn't wasted I'd say she should go to Miss International.

See you on Sunday :)

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  1. Angelia Ong is fitted to be Bb. Pilipinas 2011-Universe! I can see the image of Margarita Moran Miss Universe 1973 on her!