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Eurovision 2011

I am a fan of Eurovision, I don't know why really I just like competitions. This is the third year I've been blogging about Eurovision on this blog - wow! Anyway I've listened to all the tracks, yes all the tracks, twice at least - once with the MV and once just the music so I think I have a good indication of who's my favourite so my Top 10 as of 22th April... all in Eurovision style!

1 Point
Sjonni's Friends - Coming Home

Coming Home is a nice simple track you just want to sway with them. It's such a sad story hearing that the lead singer died before the Icelandic finals but will they find success at the finals in Germany? Sadly I think they'll miss a spot in Semifinal 1 but shunning Yohanna must mean Iceland sees potential? Whilst I wasn't a huge fan of Yohanna's "Is It True" in 2009 I think she would have been a favourite at the finals if she competed.

2 Points
Amaury Vassili - Sognu

Amaury is the bookies favourite at the moment. I think he has a good chance of winning if he can amaze everyone with his one performance of the song as it's an arena filling tune but then I'm not 100% convinced he'll win it, is Europe ready to crown an opera singer?

3 Points
Jedward - Lipstick

Ok I absolutely hate Jedward, no hate is a strong word lets just say I find their fame questionable but they're perfect for Eurovision. That pop tune they have got there fits in with the whole trashy but fun aspect of Eurovision that I love. Eurovision has tried really hard to break this image but you can't disregard something that goes so well with tradition. I think they'll make the final but I think the voting public would have worn off them by the finals or not see the joke as much as the UK public.

4 Points
Anna Rossinelli - In Love For A While

Another soul/sway track. I really like the simplicity of this track and how Anna just makes it so effortlessly cool. Sadly I don't think she'll make the final but I'm crossing my fingers the juries will save her.

5 Points
Evelina Sasenko - C'est Ma Vie

This is a more polarising choice. I've not heard that many compliments but I just like a slow ballad mixed in with all the pop-py dance tunes. Evelina provides a lovely vocal and I like the tension moments mixed with the tranquillity if she can pull off a good vocal on the night she deserves a slot.

6 Points
3JS - Never Alone

This is quite a generic man-band pop track but I quite like it, easy on the ear and should work well with a big audience (I can actually see Take That performing something like this). I think they'll make it through but I doubt they'll win.

7 Points
Lena - Taken by A Stranger

I hated Satellite last year but I love Taken by a Stranger, I knew Lena was better than Satellite! I still can't understand why Satellite won. However everything is working against Lena, she already won last year so I doubt people would want her to win again and this song is just not right for Eurovision, it's too low key.

8 Points
Blue - I Can

I have an hidden liking for Blue! lol. I really like this track and patriotism kicks in as well. I can really see us making the Top 10 and even Top 5, we are considered favourites but I think it may be squeeze for us to win. Anyway anything will be better than "That sounds good to me" I like Josh Dubovie but Pete Waterman totally crashed Josh into the ground and has a very weird perception of what sounds good.

10 Points
Kati Wolf - What About My Dreams

I LOVE this track! It's worthy enough for caps! This is totally right for Eurovision and will be a huge contender. However I think Eurovision has shut out big diva tunes in the past few years so I don't think Kati will win but Top 5 should be fine.

So who gets my 12 points, there are a lot of favourites who haven't yet made my list! e.g. Azerbaijan, Sweden, Estonia etc. Can you guess who gets my 12 points this year?

12 Points
Stella Mwangi - Haba Haba

I absolutely LOVE this track. I love the slight african beats and I love the vibes. Sadly this isn't going to win, I've seen people in different camps with this track some think it's great some don't but I don't agree this is a ripoff of Waka Waka at all, just because there is a same vibe doesn't make them the same - to be honest I find them to have very few similarities, people who think they are the same are just uneducated to me. Anyway this will be my favourite, I'm sure, throughout this Eurovision year so I hope Stella does well, she has a good chance of making the finals but it's not for sure yet.

So my Top 10 for now, I always think I have a more alternative list to most people and some of the favourites I missed off my list are probably going to win. Here are a few other tracks of note.

Rockefeller Street - Getter Jaani
Super-favourites Estonia aren't part of my favourites. I don't get why everyone loves it so much, it's the second coming of the illogical love for Safura's Drip Drop. It's ok but I really don't see why it's 2nd favourites atm. Getter is lovely but from the video she just doesn't perform the song that well and the song doesn't make sense to me.

Popular - Eric Saade

Another bookies fave but I think the bookies might have to bite their tongue on this one. I think it's a decent tune once you get over how vain the lyrics are but I'm not sure Eric is going to bring Sweden the title, it's rather forgettable after a while I think.


Running Scared - Ell & Nikki
I like Running Scared but this is another irrational love for a tune which is rather overrated. They currently have the highest views on youtube I think by more than 200,000 views. They'd probably make my top 15 but  I wouldn't consider them absolute favourites.


Love in Rewind - Dino Merlin

Bosnia is considered an outside favourite but I don't really understand it.

Other favourites
Denmark - I quite like it
Russia - I want to hear Alexey more but the video they have of the track isn't that great
Italy - a bit too low key for them to make a huge impact I think.

At the moment from Semifinal 1 I'd like to see these 10 make the cut
Poland - Magdalena Tul
Norway - Stella Mwangi
Serbia - Nina
Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli
Georgia - Eldrine
Finland - Paradise Oskar
Iceland - Sjonni's Friends
Hungary - Kati Wolf
Lithuania - Eveline Sasenko
Azerbaijan - Ell & Nikki

Armenia - Emmy
Russia - Alexey Vorobjov

imo I think this is the much stronger semi though more bookies faves are in the 2nd semi.

I don't think :Poland, Switzerland, Iceland or Lithuania will make it instead I think Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Greece will.

for the 2nd semi I would like these 10 to make it.
Austria - Nadine Beiler
Netherlands - 3JS
Slovakia - TWiiNS
Moldova - Zdob si Zdub
Sweden - Eric Saade
Slovenia - Maja Keuc
Romania - Hotel FM
Estonia - Getter Jaani
Denmark - A Friend in London
Ireland - Jedward

No wildcards here, to be honest I'd rather some more from SF 1 get through, I think what would be good is if 8 made it through from both semis and then the last 4 spots are determined by 1 days extra of phone votes for both semis.

I don't really care if Austria, Moldova or Estonia make it but I think Austria and Slovakia may say bye bye to Bosnia and Ukraine.

See you in May!

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