Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lotus Floating Restaurant, Crossharbour

I've been a bit lazy, I visited Lotus a few days ago but I couldn't be bothered to review it until now. Actually I've been to Lotus a lot of times, it is one of the many around Greenwich. What always bothers me with Lotus is how difficult it is to find free parking. I don't know if they have a dedicated car park but most of the spaces surrounding it either say private or authorised only. Anyway I do like its location, on the River Thames in quite an attractive urban setting. We ordered Siu Mai (I'm literally obsessed), Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Scallop Dumplings, Vietnamese Cheung Fun and Prawn and Egg Ho Fun (I can't find the actual name).

To be honest the food wasn't great, the service was ok. Beforehand I was just attracted to it because it was on the Thames but now when I think about it the best around the area are definitely The Peninsula and Yi-Ban, honestly there's no point going anywhere else because they are so close anyway. Anyway the Siu Mai was average, I've become a Siu Mai monster this past year and I can say I know what I like and I didn't like these. They sneakily took back the first batch that were made for us because they weren't good enough but the second batch didn't seem any better. The skin was soggy and ripped easily and the meat was very plain. The Vietnamese Spring Rolls were crispy but the meat yet again was very plain. I'm not actually a fan of scallop dumplings but because we couldn't think of anything else to order we picked this because we sacrificed scallop cheung fun for something a tad different. The scallop dumplings tasted ok but I didn't find any scallops! The Vietnamese Cheung Fun was quite nice, though I had nothing to compare it with as most restaurants don't serve this (the reason why we picked it). The portion size was huge though! And it was basically all dough, a little bit of soya sauce would have been nice. Finally the ho fun was a bit too soggy for me, it's supposed to be soggy, I just don't like ho fun smothered in sauce.

Anyway the food was average, I think I've had better here. It's not a disaster, I wouldn't mind going again but then I'd rather go to the Peninsula or Yi-Ban.

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