Friday, 8 April 2011

Show Me The Happy

Show Me the Happy was pretty boring actually, the gags didn't make me laugh at all and the stories were largely boring not even my favourite actress Michelle Yim could save this. The stories didn't match up and a lot of the characters were unnecessary in the end so all in all it was a rather weak drama. The ending wasn't interesting either. There were a few funny parts but then you get the highly illogical and pure fantasy such as Bernice Liu's master. Everything was just not funny in the end.

Best Actor
Roger Kwok

Nothing special but Roger did well to lead the series, I nominate him he did an ok job but he isn't going to win any awards from this.

Best Actress
Michelle Yim

Michelle is the queen of sitcoms however this sitcom paled in comparison to "Mind Our Own Business" however I still loved Michelle's scenes

Best Supporting Actor
Paul Chun

A decent job but nothing special.

Best Supporting Actress
No Nominees

Breakthrough Performance
Lam Sau Yi

Lam Sau Yi is a newcomer to TVB I like her freshness and she definitely has potential, I'd like to see her in more series.

Best Chemistry
Michelle Yim Vs Liu On Lai

I liked their little scuffles, it's a shame how they didn't fully exploit that.

Recognition Award
Bernice Liu

Bernice Liu wasn't great in this but I still feel she needs some recognition so here you go.

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