Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tai Tung, Croydon

I haven't posted about a restaurant in a while but I realised I haven't actually posted about Tai Tung at the Wing Yip Centre in Croydon. I think Tai Tung is my base really, I have been to Tai Tung more times than any other dim sum place not necessarily because it's the best but we go to the Wing Yip Centre a lot and Tai Tung is the most convenient. I have grown a love/hate relationship with Tai Tung, I think the food is not that great but the place brings back happy memories.

Well today we were joined by my brother so we ordered 6 dim sum + a plate, which isn't that much really. We ordered Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Har Kau, Shui Mai, Whelk in curry sauce, Yam paste with dried meat, Prawn Cheung Fun and Fried Yee Mein Noodles with Crab Meat.

The spring rolls were ok, maybe there was too much pork though. Har Kau was ok, the skin was however quite sticky but I liked the taste. The shui mai were decent, lovely texture and no chewy bits. The whelks are a favourite of my brothers but I seemed to be the one eating them! It's more about the flavour really and there was nothing wrong with it. I haven't had Yam paste with dried meat in a long time, a year or two ago it was a must order for me but I started to get bored of it. I did however like the ones at Tai Tung. The Prawn Cheung fun was quite nice actually. The prawns weren't really fresh, and seemed a bit overcooked but the cheung fun was very nice, it slithered in your mouth! The Yee Mein also used to be a favourite of mine but I find that Tai Tung are becoming increasingly stingy with this dish because there weren't many mushrooms and the crab meat was near none existent. There was just huge swathes of noodles. However it taste ok.

Overall it was a pleasant surprise. Every time I go to Tai Tung I don't expect much but this time if was rather decent. It doesn't even matter what I think about Tai Tung each time because as long as I go to Wing Yip Centre I'll go there and at £30 for 3 it's definitely a good price.

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