Saturday, 2 April 2011

Only You

I really liked Only You at the start but I think towards the end it wavered a bit, maybe it was the length of the drama as it started to lag and most of the stories couldn't carry the plot for 30 episodes. However it was a nice light watch but I think it needed a more solid base story. I did however like watching the different mini plots go on, however there were almost too many stories it's difficult to remember how many of them there were.

Best Actor
No Nominees

Best Actress
Yoyo Mung

Yoyo Mung is becoming one of my favourite actresses I don't know why but I just enjoy her acting much more now than I did before. I think she portrayed Ah Mun very realistically, I love her "Gong Lui" feel! lol. I especially loved it when she was desperately trying to find a boyfriend. 

Louise Lee

Louise Lee is a lovely actress, I think her best attribute is her ability to play emotional scenes with passion and  conviction. Louise Lee seems to be picking these quite "Lai Chi" stories nowadays which isn't a bad thing but I'd wish we'll be able to see her in a grand production.

Best Supporting Actor
Ruco Chan

Whilst only in a few episodes I find Ruco Chan a refreshing actor amongst TVB, he has a very distinctive style of portraying his characters which allows him to play the "grittier" actors well. I hope he gets more chances this year as he deserves to be recognised.

Chris Lai

Chris Lai just needs to be given a chance, he portrayed his character decently and in general I like watching Chris

Evergreen Mak

A nice portrayal of a Hong Kong dad, sometimes arrogant but in the end is a good father and husband.

Best Supporting Actress
Kristal Tin

I loved her housewife with ambitions stance to life. Her bickering with Evergreen seemed very genuine, it was definitely a lovely pairing.

Best Couple
Chris Lai and Elaine Yiu

Originally I wasn't planning on giving this award to any couple, funny isn't it - a drama revolving around marriage doesn't have a favourite couple! But then Chris and Elaine's last scene sealed the deal for me. That was such a shocking end to the couple but then I started to think about all the scenes they had together and I just got won over by the rather dramatic end which seemed scarily sweet. Basically they were hit by a driver that had taken drugs. Both of them were trapped by the bonnet of the car, both obviously in critical danger but then the car explodes! That really woke me up, I almost got a bit teary because they had just taken their wedding photos.

Favourite Male Character
No Nominees

Favourite Female Character
Yoyo Mung

Go 港女!

Recognition Award
Yvonne Ho

Yvonne isn't the best actress but she is always a great addition to an all female group. I loved her scenes with Yoyo Mung.

Meini Cheung

I rarely see Meini in a series but she always does decently in a series I think, she needs more chances.

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