Thursday, 31 March 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 6

The Top 8, it's getting tight now! This week's elimination was rather odd, without having seen a spoiler and the episode I really wouldn't have guessed. Anyway here's my ranking of the photos.



At first I was debating to myself whether Mikaela should get FCO, for me, but once I cropped this to size it was obvious - MIKAELA BROUGHT IT! Sorry for my caps but honestly the judges, especially ALT, are blind if they think this shot of Mikaela is drab. Just look at her, this face is even better than last weeks! If her eyes are blank then I'd be frightened of what she could produce when they are in full force. I just can't believe this stunning photo was given such bad cred - the judges you are stupid for putting Mikaela in the bottom 2. I don't understand it though, they obviously feel Mikaela isn't producing the goods so why wasn't she eliminated? Does it mean she goes further than 7th? If she gets eliminated next week it would be pretty weird to save her over Monique when she has, and still has, the worst callout. The judges obviously think there's potential but they don't think she's delivering (hmm... that sounds familiar to me). I hope she gets a huge redemption arc and FCO next week - as it should at least guarantee you one week of immunity.


FINALLY, Brittani delivers. It's not to her full potential, her nose looks a bit busted and I'm not sold by those lips, but this is what she should be producing for getting such high praise from the judges - have you seen her callout? Besides the commercial she has been in the Top 3 every week! If Brittani continues to produce this level of photographs then I'd be happy with her winning - though next week seems extra dramatic for her - would it hurt her chances?


I still can't quite get why Monique was eliminated? Why not call up on her personality, why not call up on her commercial-ness but not you say she's middling and doesn't stand out... ~~~...
I love this shot of Monique because it's seductive but not OTT, her eyes could have been more SMIZE, but all in all this shot was not worthy of being eliminated.


A lot of you will disagree with me here but I like Kasia's shot, tbh she stands out in the Blondes shoot, she commands the picture. Yes I think she looks a bit mother bee/Madonna in this shot but she's intriguing.


I like Molly's shot but that busted eye is doing me no favours and to be honest I think her body position is too square and blocky, however from her neck up (excluding that eye) she looks amazing and sultry.


It's not a bad shot, it's just that she doesn't really stand out i.e. the other girls did better than her - simple as.


Yet again it's not a bad shot but she was overpowered imo. She still hasn't found her angle imo and her hands were very heavy and dead.


The only girl I didn't like this week was Alexandria, it's kooky but it doesn't work.

Now my favourites rankings, I'm revamping it! Now I'll only feature the remaining 8. BTW I still love Nicole, Dalya and Ondrei who all would still be in my Top 7.


I can actually say I like every girl in the Top 8, though I only love you Mikaela! Alexandria stays at the bottom of the pack because she is the annoying one however I'm feeling a bit sorry for her now and she may leap up my rankings if she stays a while longer. I think Alexandria truly doesn't mean anything she does and it's a shame to see her sabotaging herself in the competition but we'll see what happens next week (as some suggest she may be cut).


I like Hannah but someone needs to give this girl an edit! Honestly her looks aren't enough for me to remember her! The judges have finally given her some bad critique so she's not as surefire Top 4 as I'd originally have thought.


I honestly don't like Monique's personality but when I stepped back from it all I realised Monique was the one providing the entertainment, without her this cycle seems a bit less fierce! LOL. She is absolutely stunning but yes she is not a HF model - go find VS or something of that sort.


I like Kasia but she is overstaying her welcome, it's tough with her as I can equally see her going to Top 4 or crashing and burning. I think it's partly to do with the editing but it's obvious Tyra loves her atm and sees her as Whitney 2.0, I think she'll probably go 5th/6th.


I have this love hate relationship with Brittani. I don't like her portfolio but yet I want her to stay, it's solely down to her potential. I just hope she continues with her performance this week but from previews it seems unlikely.


I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with Molly's snide remarks, however unless she really goes all queen bitch on me she'll stay at 3rd most likely until I get truly bored with the girl above her.


Jaclyn's cutesy voice is starting to wear off now, for me, but I still like her. However I do think she should go soon because she just doesn't have the right look.


Mikaela needs no introduction, she's already like 5th on my all time favourite ANTM contestant list. Only Dani (C6), Raina (C14), Analeigh (C11) and Nicole (C13) reign above her atm.

Well as an extra bonus here's what I'd like to happen
7th - Kasia
6th - Jaclyn
5th - Alexandria
4th - Brittani
3rd - Hannah
Runner up - Molly
Winner - Mikaela

I'm putting Hannah over Brittani for now because she's arguably doing better than her but if Brittani brings it then I'd want to swap that.

What I think will happen
7th - Alexandria/Mikaela
6th - Jaclyn/Kasia
5th - Hannah/Jaclyn/Kasia
4th - Hannah/Mikaela/Kasia
3rd - Brittani/Alexandria
2nd - Molly/Brittani
1st - Molly/Brittani

Sorry for having so many /s but for now it's quite difficult to predict who will go when.
Mikaela can't honestly be 4 straight bad call outs and not get something good at the end of it?

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