Friday, 13 February 2009

ANTM 12 13/2/09

I didn't even realize that it is exactly one week since my last ANTM post. Anyway I've seen some videos of ANTM 12 and I'm so amazed how some of these girls can't even name 5 models in the industry and they want to be models! it happens every cycle you'd thought those girls would research beforehand. I hate when girls say they are from a small town, therefore they don't get to see much therefore blah di blah di blah! sorry Kathryn (wannabe contestant of Cycle 12) I actually do like you!
Back to the actual girls. I'm loving Fo's look on the videos that I've seen. LOVE HER hope she'll do better than Brittany last year considering she is a native American. The rumours of Sandra's early exit don't look as impossible as before because I can truly see how sometimes Sandra flops 110% whilst other times she would work it like any top model. Hopefully she'll survive enough for Tyra to at least see a fantastic shot. But I'm so loving this years cycle as the contestants look great and supposedly there's more drama - people say it should only be a model competition but there needs to be a degree of drama I think or everything will be the same. Maybe the old rules of ANTM positions will also be back in play e.g. the seemingly favourite of the judges only makes the runner up whilst the girl with the personality issue (whatever it may be) gets third.

So girl by girl...
Loving Allison, she's unique and has a funny personality. It looks like she'll also be a fantastic model and I loved the promo video about her fascination of nosebleeds!
I'm just going to forget about most of Aminat's pre show shots, instead I'll focus the on show stuff I've seen because Allison had a good portfolio in Cycle 10 but she flopped on the show! Also I learnt that her name is pronounced A-mee-ner rather than Ah-mi-nart.
I don't know what to think of Celia to be honest because on one side I like her whilst on the other I don't.
As I have said I'm loving Fo on the video's and on show stuff I have seen - she looks so exotic as well - Asian, African, American, European you name it!
Just not seeing it, Isabella is probably a sweet girl but just not seeing the model in her though I'm seeing a little bit more of Kahlen in her as some suggested, though I was never a huge fan of Kahlen.
Liking Jessica much more after seeing her on the videos - kind of like a less diverse looking Fo e.g. South American, Asian thing going on.
Kortnie seems so down to earth she kind of reminds me of Brittany Cycle 4 - love her (both of them!).
London's video edits seem to show a side of her that I like which I wasn't really expecting; I thought she would be slightly bitchy Allison Cycle 10 type girl.
I'm continuing to trust in Natalie due to her pre show photos but she hasn't really received that much in show attention e.g. no videos and no spoilers saying "she'll win" or something like that.
My opinion of Nijah hasn't changed much - still like her a lot.
As I said above I am so worried about Sandra because her promo pic was possibly one of the worst promo shots I have seen on ANTM - she's kind of hit or miss.
In video Tahlia looks better but I think this year the girls will be going through more revealing shoots so I doubt Tahlia will be able to make it too far as nobody wants to retouch so much of every shot they use of a model.
I'm liking Teyona but I really do have to see more of her to get a better judgment.

I'm not going to rank the girls this time as it would be too difficult and slightly unfair because I've seen more of some girls. Honestly this cycle is looking really good, there are at least 9 girls who I could currently place in my Top 6, though I need to see more of 3 other girls! So sorry to the only girl I haven't mentioned! Just CAN'T wait until March! If I see enough by next week I'll post on the 20th also.

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