Sunday, 8 February 2009

Fed Cup Day 1

Well Italy Vs. France was a tight draw but in the end Italy forces through with a 2-0 lead. Just reading about the Mauresmo/Pennetta match got me excited but Cornet/Francesca seemed to be much more the battle of experience. I just hope Cornet doesn't end up in the long line of failed teenage superstars.
It's amazing that Czech Republic could have gone 2-0 up against the Spanish Team considering Spain's amazing record even with no Top 10 players in their teams so often. But anyway the battle of the rising starlets Petra Kvitova/Carla Suarez Navarro was an interesting one because I was expecting Carla to win - similarly I was expecting Iveta to win against Nuria.
To me Russia Vs. China was always going to be a Russian win; even though I don't know the reason for the change in team I can only put it down to the Chinese team feeling that it would be useless to send out their best players because they're going to lose anyway - not much else to say as it is obviously going to be a Russian win. Hopefully Russia Vs. Italy would be more interesting.
USA Vs. Argentina was never really a matchup I was interested in, it seems that Gisela Dulko is the only reason I am even posting about this but anyway I think the US still have the edge unless my gut feeling becomes true - which is USA losing their next two rubber, then again I could be utterly wrong.
It looks like the two stronger teams; Italy and Russia will KO each other whilst the US and Spain or Czech Republic will play in the other semi. However if the US do reach the final I'm sure they'll reel in the Williams sisters somehow, now if only they played in all matches then the Russian team wouldn't look so utterly undefeatable.

Well in World Group II Slovakia won their first 2 rubbers - as expected, Serbia won both also - as expected, whilst Ukraine didn't get off to as good a start as they hoped for with Kateryna losing to Peer. But if worse comes to worse the Ukrainians still have the Bondarenko's for doubles even if they would be playing 3 matches. In World Group II Germany Vs Switzerland seems to be the only face up that I may get wrong. Patty Schnyder obviously still has something in the tank for Fed Cup draws but I'd still lean towards Germany even though I'm ebbing towards Switzerland little by little.

Further news - Sadly Great Britain lost their tie against Poland even though they had a fantastic run in the round robin matches; well I guess Agnieszka Radwanska was always going to be tough to beat.

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