Friday, 20 February 2009


Oops haven't posted for a few days so I thought I'd just add this. Recently I've been so into Kpop, I'm basically scrounging around for any good sites. I have to say "" is currently one of my favourite sites because they upload like everything! Saves the hassle for me to look around. Still a SNSD fan but I've been interested in Tae Goon and a few others and May Doni just today. Of course I'm so excited about BoA and Se7en's US debut and of course shifting on to Jpop we have Utada Hikaru! Need to shift back to english music soon or I may start speaking Korean - but it's so difficult to follow Japanese and American music as there is so many releases and I can hardly find any good websites that keep track of all these releases so I know when things are coming out.

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