Friday, 6 February 2009

ANTM 12 6/2/09

Hey just thought I'd add a few personal opinion on the contestants - only 3 weeks or so!
So I'm going rank the girls in my opinion currently, girls at the top don't necessarily mean I think they are the best but contestants who I think I would like and are seemingly good models from what I've seen.

so lets begin from the bottom...!
Sorry but...
Isabella you're last. She just doesn't seem to stand out compared to the other girls and her pre show work is probably one of the weakest out of the group. I don't see the resemblance to Kahlen Cycle 4 some netizens are talking about either.

Celia is 12th. Her pre show work leaves a lot to be desired and her ANTM shot just looked old and unattractive, from what've seen of her and heard about she really could have replaced Isabella at the bottom, but I like her a little for some reason.

Tahlia is 11th. She seems nice and all but I'm just not seeing any potential in her portrait shot. A makeover will help her but with her supposed scars I doubt she would be able to perform as well as other girls in swimsuit or revealing photoshoots.

Jessica comes 10th - unexpected to some probably. Having a latina is great and I thin her portrait shot is good but two things placed her down. Firstly I'm not really loving her pre show shots, secondly she just doesn't stand out to me.

Teyona at 9th. Sadly she doesn't have any previous photoshoots or test shots which I could see, if her portrait shot was strong enough I may have placed her higher, but at the moment I'm just going on instinct that I'll like her/like her photos - if not she may have placed lower.

Aminat is at 8th. Personally I really want to like her (remember my previous comment on how she reminds me of Danielle Cycle 6) and I love her afro and her portrait pic, but I'm not too keen on most of her pre show work; hopefully it won't be like that on the actual show but with Sandra and Nijah already placing higher in my current rankings I'm not sure there is enough room for 3 black girls.

London calling at 7th! I hated her promo pic but I liked a lot of her pre show stuff - Ok she maybe bitchy and Allison Cycle 10 like but I'm willing to place her at least mid pack to see what happens to her.

Fo only at 6th! I really liked the look of her from her promo, but with every other girl having at least one pre show pic that I've seen, she stands on a back foot compared to them, kind of worried she'll be a early evictee because I sense that vibe from her, lol!

Natalie (I know) at 5th! I wasn't too keen on her when I saw her promo but the pre show work has instilled enough hope in me that she'll be good. I really hope she'll prove me right.

Allison is at an awesome 4th. Her preshow photos may not look as modellesque as Natalie or London but I love the personality she portrays. I also think Tyra will label her as the girl who has the look for modelling even though the public may think she looks weird. And from spoilers she does seem to get far.

NIJAH is at 3rd. I'm going so much on instinct here but I have a gut feeling she'll be one of my favourites when they reach the house. Her promo shot is average but her pre show work is generally good. I hope she gets far as I need to be sure that I've picked the right girls as my favourites! Don't really see the Dionne Cycle 9 resemblance though.

Kortnie comes so close but yet so far at 2nd. Yep I've fallen for that type of girl again, it's just me! I hope she photos well unlike some other girls that I've liked in the past cycles because of similar characteristics.

and so at No.1 is....
SANDRA!!!!! She is just fieeeeerce! Her pre show work is one of the strongest and her promo pic is one of the best. She reminds me of many of the best black antm contestants e.g. Eva, Nnenna (She had african heritage) Danielle etc etc. Heard rumours that she'll leave in the 1st episode, if that does happen it would be the biggest shock for me - never had my absolute favourite go out first.

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