Sunday, 22 February 2009

ANTM 22/2/09

I was just reading on Honestly ANTM and I happened to pick up on something whenever ANTM went to Asia there was a "black" winner (being cycles 3,6,9):
Cycle 3 Eva Pigford - Tokyo
Cycle 6 Danielle Evans - Bangkok
Cycle 9 Saleisha Stowers - Shanghai/Beijing
Besides being in Asia it's slightly weird how it's every third cycle.

And every time they go to Europe a girl who is "white" (don't really like the usage of white) or looks "white" wins.
Cycle 1: Adrianne Curry (not really sure, think she's mixed heritage but looks "white") Paris
Cycle 2: Yoanna House (Mexican mother but pale complexion) Milan
Cycle 5: Nicole Linkletter - London
Cycle 7: CariDee English - Barcelona
Cycle 10: Whitney Thompson - Rome
Cycle 11: Mckey Sullivan - Amsterdam

Have you realized that Cycle 4 and 8 are missing, this is because Cycle 4 was Naima (mixed) who won in Cape Town and Cycle 8 was Jaslene (latina) who won in Sydney. If these little themes are right we should have a girl who is not exclusively of "white" or "black" background or does not look it. If we were to scan down the list we only have Fo and Jessica - though I doubt either won.

There are of course other little themes going around like every 3rd cycle produces a "black" winner which would mean Aminat, Nijah, Sandra and Teyona have a chance. But honestly every time we try to predict it becomes so difficult as you think you know who would be the winner but there is something so blatant that we miss out every time. Last year McKey won, in fact last year was one of the more unpredictable years as such actually. Not that McKey wasn't a predictable winner - by far she was totally expected, but the show kind of threw everything out of the window. For the past few cycles we would have expected a girl with more charisma to win, McKey was slightly lacking in that department which really did make me believe at one point that Analeigh was going to win simply because they'll call her the girl that improves leaps and bounds. But it was evident that the show tried to make McKey more daring and charismatic towards the end by filming the judges saying how she is more confident and blah blah blah. To be honest many of the past cycles have one thing in common and that is the runner up is always either someone the judges praise boundlessly or someone who is lacking the personality, that's why Samantha being the runner up was slightly unexpected as if old themes stuck then last years winner would have been Samantha rather than McKey. Well anyway I did say I wouldn't go into predictions but I really can't resist analyzing the little details here and there, however this cycle I'll have to at least see the first episode to form a calculated prediction on what could happen.

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