Thursday, 12 February 2009

Selena Li

Photo taken from her TVB artiste blog

Happy Birthday Selena, even if in Hong Kong it is past your birthday!
If you don't know Selena is a TVB actress in Hong Kong, and one of my favourite TVB actresses.
She is such a talent and has improved sooooo much since her first few series, it's an outrage how she doesn't get the recognition she deserves.
Selena also participated in Miss Hong Kong 2003 where she only made the semi-finals, possibly the biggest upset in HK pageant history (for me anyway). She was articulate, talented and photogenic what else do you need!
Hopefully TVB will recognize her talents now, give her a great role and catapult her to stardom because she deserves it much more than some other girls who are promoted in TVB. Maybe she should go on Strictly Come Dancing (in China) because that got Nancy Wu promoted.
Recently she started composing I think so maybe she'll try to move into the music industry.

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