Saturday, 7 February 2009

What Happened!

I thought I'd dedicate this post to an actor who I used to love but with every new series I see him in now I just cringe. Those of you who watch Hong Kong series, remember Wong Hei. I think most of you'll remember him in Burning Flame, his character was cool, righteous, slightly stubborn but an overall lovable guy; I remember he was one of my favourite actors and I always wanted him to be as famous as he was in his heyday but the past few years have been one disaster after another. I wouldn't comment of CIB files as I never watched the whole of it but Fathers and Sons (one of the most overrated series of 2007) was a disaster for him. His role was so annoying and the character was just overly weird. Then it was the 2008 calendar - oh my gosh I can't even type without cringing with the thought, sadly it is too cringeworthy to post here! Finally the Gem of Life, why does he play these types of characters nowadays; where was that fiery personality that he used to portray and why has he continued to change his hairstyle from ugly to disturbing. I hope this former king will return in full form in 2009 - after the Gem of Life, that's why I'm anticipating Burning Flame 3 which will hopefully revitalize the old Wong Hei.

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