Friday, 27 February 2009

Jane Zhang

I'm dedicating my first birthday post to Jane Zhang, the beautifully talented Chinese songstress. She caught my attention in 2006 when my cousin sent me a link of her performing, I was blown away by her vocals and decided to keep an eye on this exceptional girl. I was totally shocked to find out this dazzling star only got third in the 2005 Super Girl contest, the former Chinese equivalent of American Idol/X Factor depending on where you live. In fact her two conquerors were in my opinion much less talented than this girl and only beat her because the Chinese wanted someone different rather than talented to win (though the other two may have some talent they are by far less worthy than Jane). Nonetheless I must say 4 years on she is the most successful out of the 3 with Chris Li Yu Chun possibly making a few headlines here and there and Bibi Zhou having dissapeared for more than a year. Her capabilities dazzle me, besides the stunning voice she has she can also sing in a variety of languages - Spanish, English, Cantonese as well as her mother tongue; Mandarin - she can basically sing to everyone in the world!
However I have always found Jane's out of album work more satisfying than her album work, it's sad to say that Huayi Brothers seem to lack the capabilities of developing albums for her. I love all her theme songs that she has sung, from the strong vulnerability in her voice for Return of the Condor Heroes, the beautifully mastered theme song for The Banquet to her most recent endeavor for The Painted Skin which showcases her whistle region to its extremes.
I present you with one of her classics, from the movie "The Banquet", the beginning is truly exceptional though she does seem to be at times drowned out by the music I do think this composition is fabulously stunning and sends shivers through my body.
Here's the link because I can't seem to get a music player that allows me to use my own songs and mediafire is playing up on me!

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