Thursday, 26 February 2009

Soooo.... Annoyed

Here's the story, I bought something online last Wednesday, as the parcel was from America they had to use FedEx to deliver it to me (rather than the more reliable, in my opinion, Royal Mail). The parcel got to England in two days but I wasn't at home on Friday to pick it up. I was slightly frustrated but I thought they would automatically deliver it again on Monday as the e-mail they sent me stated that they would attempt to redeliver it on the next working day. Didn't get it on Monday, nor Tuesday, nor Wednesday. So I decided to phone up to customer service. Requested delivery today at 9am-12pm so my dad could pick it up, knowing that they may not be able to deliver it to me at that time. Got home just now and the parcels not here, annoyed but knew it was possible but then I just checked the tracking service and they hadn't even attempted to deliver the parcel! I'm so annoyed with FedEx - its been a week since it was in England, if you ask me Royal Mail is much more reliable, now I either have to call again and schedule it for next Monday or pick it up at Dartford!

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