Friday, 17 December 2010

The Apprentice UK Season 6 Up to the Finals! - Spoiler Alert

I have just finished watching the latest episode of The Apprentice, it was great to see Stuart go and in that fashion! Stuart's ass-licking had finally lost its charm with Lord Sugar who claimed that he was annoyed how he fired Liz before "Stuart Baggs the BRAND". Stuart should have never gotten this far, he hasn't shown the ability to be a fantastic entrepreneur, all his worth lies in his mouth and his credentials were mostly made up. In the end Stuart did provide good television, I almost feel happy that Liz was fired to let Stuart in the interview stages because we wouldn't have seen the humiliating firing of Stuart if not.

Anyway the final 2 didn't correspond to my predictions but I think whoever watched the penultimate episode would have guessed that (SPOILER!) Stella and Chris would make the final. Their interview edits, in my opinion, looked the best out of the five and they had the best feedback in the boardroom. Whilst watching the episode would have made it an obvious decision the two are quite different to the usual finalists we see on the Apprentice. I have been nagging on about those loud mouthed street smart sellers, I'm not sure either were edited to be classified as that. It seems Lord Sugar has had a change of heart somewhere between Season 4 and 5 because Yasmina and Kate were already slightly different to the final two in the previous 4 cycles. What you have with Stella and Chris are two level headed, eloquent and smart businesspeople. I think in previous years Lord Sugar has looked for that raw spark, that potential brilliance, but these two are quite developed in their skillsets but also have the ability to expand into becoming multifaceted entrepreneurs.

I think my initial prediction of Joanna and Jamie tended towards this raw talent idea, it seems a few bookies also thought this as I read up somewhere that Joanna and Jamie were favourites to win out of the Top 5, it's definitely uncharacteristic of a final two to be missing somebody that can go slightly crazy when needed. I underestimated Lord Sugar's opinions on Stella, I thought Lord Sugar wouldn't be able to see through Stella's corporate personality, which has been a reason for many eliminations in the past, however with Karen's praise it seemed Stella was set for another week, similar with Nick's praise towards Chris. I should have guessed from last week when Lord Sugar was not willing to even consider Stella to be fired, when he picked up that she technically didn't do the "quick money-making" aspect of the business, that Stella was going to be a strong candidate for the final.

I don't know who is going to win, relative to previous years it's quite difficult to predict but at the moment I'm leaning towards Stella but I can equally see Chris winning.

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