Friday, 3 December 2010

Fly With Me

I've watched a few episodes of Fly With Me before so I had a basic idea of the storyline and who I'd nominate. I randomly chose to watch episode 11 for my recap.

I just find Fly With Me utterly random, though when I was watching episode 11 I actually thought it was less random than I thought it was. I think Fly With Me had a lot of potential but from what I've seen it went too random too many times.

Best Actor
Moses Chan

I'm nominating Moses because I think he did ok, I don't really remember much about this role but I think Moses has really not been on form this year. He has played a lot of slapdash comedic roles this year and I'm not liking this move.

Best Actress
Ada Choi

Despite the randomness of the series I think Ada stood out. I believe Ada is one of the best actress' filming with TVB but the way her character was written makes it difficult to judge because the whole story is a little weird. Anyway Ada always does well and in Fly With Me it's no exception.

Best Supporting Actor
Raymond Cho

I'm giving Raymond a chance. I didn't like his portrayal in later episodes where he became this rich man guy, I don't think that was a strong performance from him, but from episode 11 I think he did well enough for me to nominate him.

Best Supporting Actress
Rachel Kan

Rachel is so underrated, she was decent in this role. She was slightly muted but that's her way of acting rather than being over the top. She deserves some recognition.

Most Improved Actress
Queenie Chu

I still think Queenie is too over the top in "normal" scenes as well as being a bit stiff in more intense scenes but if you compare her with her earlier works I think she has improved and Fly With Me is possibly her best acting to date.

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