Friday, 3 December 2010

Sisters of Pearl

As I have said before it'll be unlikely for me to be able to watch all the remaining series that I've missed so regrettably I'm going to make a decision on series like Sisters of Pearl based on one episode (normally an episode in the middle of the series unless I haven't watched it at all). This may not be the fairest solution but I think it's the best possible way for me to consider every candidate. If I'm interested enough I'll watch more episodes and update my nominations accordingly. I'm actually quite interested in Sisters of Pearl solely because of Jessica's character and how she will fight with Kiki's character.

Anyway I watched the whole of episode one and saw snippets of episode four to see Joyce Tang. Later in the day I may watch snippets of later episodes to see Bowie Lam when he's "evil" but at the moment I haven't nominated him because I find his acting stiff.

Best Actress
Jessica Hsuan

I'm actually quite interested to see how her character develops.

Best Supporting Actress
Kiki Sheung

I wonder how she is going to fight with Jessica.

Joyce Tang

From what I've seen she plays a less scheming role compared to Jessica and Kiki instead she seems to be used by Michael Tao.

You may think I'm biased but I personally don't like Michael Tao's acting because it seems too forced whilst Bowie always looks stiff to me. The only main actor I haven't seen in action is Joel Chan so I may find some episodes with him in it.

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