Sunday, 5 December 2010

TVB 2010 43rd Anniversary Awards - Winners list

I've just finished watching the show and most of it was relatively predictable but some things were quite extraordinary. I need to go to college tomorrow so don't have time to post a full review of it yet but I will do later, for now here is the winners list.

Winners: bold and gold!

Best Drama
Can't Buy Me Love
A Chip off the Old Block (!)
The Mysteries of Love
Every Move You Make (!!)
No Regrets

Quite a shocking list

Most Admirable Programme Award
Hong Kong Architecture
The Voice 2
Health Oddities
To Live and Love in Hong Kong
Land of Fengshui

Best Actor
Wayne Lai - No Regrets
Raymond Lam - The Mysteries of Love
Steven Ma - Ghost Writer
Moses Chan - Can't Buy Me Love
Felix Wong - Gun Metal Grey

Best Actress
Sheren Tang - No Regrets
Tavia Yeung - The Mysteries of Love
Linda Chung - Ghost Writer
Maggie Cheung Ho Yee - Beauty Knows No Pain (WOOHOO)
Charmaine Sheh - Can't Buy Me Love

Best Supporting Actor
Evergreen Mak - No Regrets
Ron Ng - OL Supreme
Dominic Lam - A Fistful of Stances
Raymond Wong - No Regrets
Pierre Ngo - No Regrets

Best Supporting Actress
Fala Chen - No Regrets
Kara Hui - A Fistful of Stances
Elena Kong - Beauty Knows No Pain
Susanna Kwan - Can't Buy Me Love
Nancy Wu - Gun Metal Grey

My Favourite Male TV Character
Raymond Lam - Professor King - The Mysteries of Love
Steven Ma - Chow Yung Kung - A Watchdog's Tale
Kenneth Ma - Koo Yue Tong - A Fistful of Stances
Moses Chan - Kam Tuo Luk - Can't Buy Me Love
Wayne Lai - Lau Sing - No Regrets

My Favourite Male TV Character
Charmaine Sheh - Princess Chiu Yeung - Can't Buy Me Love
Tavia Yeung - Tsui Siu Lai - The Mysteries of Love
Teresa Mo - Tsang Kiu - Some Day
Linda Chung - Ng Sei Tak - Can't Buy Me Love
Sheren Tang - Cheng Kau Mui - No Regrets

Most Improved Male Artiste
Raymond Wong
Jazz Lam
King Kong
Joel Chan
Him Law

Most Improved Female Artiste
Natalie Tong
Selena Li   :(
Elaine Yiu
Skye Chan
Mimi Lo

Best Host
Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, Wong Cho Lam - Fun With Liza and Gods
Steven Ma - Apprentice Chef
Eric Tsang, Chin Kar-lok, Elvina Kong, King Kong, Otto - Super Trio Game Master
Sammy Leung, Kristal Tin (Mimi Lo) - The Voice 2
Bowie Lam, Carlo Ng, Samantha Ko - Health Oddities

Best Variety Show
The Voice 2

Best Performance of the Year Award
Moses Chan Popularity Award
Raymond Lam

Lifetime Achievement Award
Louise Lee

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