Friday, 3 December 2010

When Lanes Merge

I watched the last few episodes of this series in Hong Kong but I don't remember much of it. Yet again I chose to watch episode 11 to recap this series. I just want to get all the past TVB series out of the way as now TVB Europe show series on the same day I won't have to play catch up all the time.

When Lanes Merge is a decent series with decent acting performances by the whole cast but sadly I don't have the time to watch this series but if I find time later I'll consider re-watching it as from episode 11 I'm actually quite interested in the performances by each artiste.

Best Actor
Raymond Wong

Best Actress
Sonija Kwok

I'm beginning to see the light with Sonija Kwok, she still has a few awkward, stiff moments but I think she is ok now compared to before. It was quite sad when she lied to Raymond Wong to make her sound like the vil third person so that Raymond would go after Kate (final episode).

Just to say Kate Tsui did a good job here but there are times when she overacts and is it just me that thinks this or does Kate always seem to put up a "sexy" face when she isn't talking?

Best Supporting Actor
Eric Li

Some stiff eye contact at times but it was a good role for Eric

Ruco Chan

He was believable acting this annoying evil guy, good job Ruco for making everyone hate you! lol.

Best Supporting Actress
Elaine Yiu

She definitely suits this role.

Lee Heung Kam

OMG that bob cut! Besides that she was good in this series.

Most Improved Actress
Elaine Yiu

Most Annoying Character
Sonija's Mum and Brother
They come as a pair Ching Hor Wai and Fred Cheng

They only surpass Ruco because they were supposed to be Sonija's family but I remember one scene where Ching Hor Wai said nasty things to Sonija about trying to ruin his younger brother because she is jealous of him (as she isn't her biological daughter) I thought that was very hurtful.

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