Friday, 3 December 2010

Suspects in Love

I've watched a few episodes of this series and I actually find it quite interesting, hopefully I'll find time to watch it some time. Yet again I watched episode 11 for a recap.

Best Actor
Joe Ma

I think Joe Ma is underrated, it seems to be that since bad rumours circulated about him a few years ago his star rating has taken a huge tumble. Anyway I think Joe Ma did well in Suspects in Love.

Best Actress
Flora Chan

I don't like listening to Flora's accent to be honest and it was pretty weird listening to her speaking so roughly but she showed emotion where emotion was needed so I can't fault her on that.

Best Supporting Actor
Louis Yuen

Comedic value, I like his comical scenes much more here than in Can't Buy Me Love.

Best Supporting Actress
Sharon Chan

I like Sharon Chan, she needs a break. Go Sharon.

Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong is really impressing me with her roles, this one was her biggest one yet. Get her on some big series now!

Rain Lau

Rain Lau always provides the goods, love her!

Best Couple
Him Law and Mandy Wong

A sweet a fresh pairing, they look so cute together.

Most Improved Actress
Mandy Wong

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