Sunday, 5 December 2010

TVB Sales Presentation 2011

Just wanted to tell you about the 3 TVB series I'm most looking forward to.

Yes Sir No Sir

If only Raymond Lam was in this! The presentation was really interesting.

The King and his Phoenixes

Seems very similar to War and Beauty but undeniably this is a weaker cast. I wonder what it would actually be like because the presentation was done very much like War and Beauty.

The Eunuch

Not sure I like the presentation but I like the cast, Michelle, Wayne, Fala and Bosco! WOOHOO

I also don't mind seeing Return to The Three Kingdoms (seems a bit too similar to A Step Into the Past though) and The Colourful World of Sister Fa, love to see Charmaine acting slow. The rest are ok but I'm not sure about.

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