Friday, 3 December 2010

Growing Through Life

I remember Lui Yau Wai but when I saw her in this series I couldn't recognise her face but only her voice, she has changed a lot since the last time I saw her.

I think TVB needs to understand that Hong Kong viewers don't like watching series linked with China, I'm not sure if it's prejudice or plaining linked with the storyline but I do think Growing Through Life looks to much like The Drive of Life from the outset. But I do have to say I don't like watching dubs and it's obvious some actors will need dubs if they are from Mainland China. However one thing I do appreciate is not filming on sets. I just think it makes the series feel more realistic and interesting rather than looking at the fake sets with wobbly walls!

Growing Through life isn't a bad series but if you don't watch it you'd probably not be interested in it as it seems too similar to the Drive of Life, which was too long and had too many characters.

Anyway on with the nominations

Best Actor
Damian Lau

Raymond Lam

If only this series had better ratings I think Raymond may have been a huge contender for Best Actor this year because at the moment I think his character in Growing Through life is more interesting to watch than in The Mysteries of Love and there is more range in that character.

Best Actress
Zhao Ziqi

Don't know who the hell she is but I think her facial expressions were very nice to watch, she was slightly animated but that kind of fitted with her character.

Best Supporting Actor
Bosco Wong

I like Bosco in more "fun" roles because he just exudes this energetic and playful style in his acting, I'm not sure I like watching him as an evil character but he did well anyway.

Dominic Lam

It's nice seeing Dominic play a "good" character for once. I think he acted the poor/humble guy very well actually.

Best Supporting Actress
Lui Yau Wai

A nice return for this actress.

Most Improved Actress
Vivien Yeo

She is getting better and better with every series, she just needs to get a few good supporting roles under her belt to build her name up.

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