Sunday, 19 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing Series 8

Strictly has finally finished and what a series it has been. Kara & Artem were the rightful winners, Kara was fantastic throughout the series and in my opinion the best couple on the show. I was really happy for them as a few weeks ago it didn't look that likely to me that Kara would win.

2nd was Matt & Aliona, the favourites for the title by the bookies. I loved Matt but regrettably I think he didn't reach his full potential on the show. I just remember being mesmerised by his first week performance but that rarely came to fruition towards the latter stages. However Matt was a worthy finalist. Pamela & James came in at 3rd. It was a shame to see them go after seeing them perform brilliantly, and get the highest judges scores. Pamela & James are my favourite couple this series so it was a shame not seeing them in the final 2.

I think this is the first cycle where I genuinely liked all of the Final 8, of course I liked a few a bit more than others but I didn't really want anybody to go.

Anyway on the other couples.

Scott was a weird one, I loved him but he was so inconsistent, it's almost like he fell asleep in some dances or something. At the early to middle stages of the competition Scott was becoming the huge favourite but then he withered. Gavin wasn't that great at dancing but he did provide some good performances, I liked him but I was slightly shocked he stayed that long.

Ann Widdecombe, generally I don't like the comedy act but I loved Ann, she had to go though. I loved Patsy as well! I loved everyone! It was a shame to see her leave because she was really getting into it. Felicity just amazes me by her "bendiness" for that age! Michelle looked a bit crazy at times but I just love her! Go Michelle!

It's weird but for the first time I feel Strictly went kind of to my plan. Whilst I thought Tina and Jimmy were good dancers and technically deserved to stay longer than they did I personally didn't like them as much as most of the others. It was a shocking elimination but I didn't mind! Whilst Goldie, Paul Daniels and Peter Shilton definitely had to go in the first 4 weeks.

Anyway it has been great following Strictly this year, congratulations to Kara and hopefully next year will be even better.

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