Sunday, 5 December 2010

Miss Earth 2010

I'm not going to talk about who I would have put in my Top 14 because I don't know who I would have put in my Top 14. But definitely the results seem very good and from what I've heard everybody seems relatively happy. Here are the results

Miss Earth 2010 - India - Nicole Faria
Miss Air 2010 - Ecuador - Jennifer Pazmino
Miss Water 2010 - Thailand - Watasaporn Wattanakoon
Miss Fire 2010 - Puerto Rico - Yeidy Bosques

Japan - Marina Kisihira
South Africa - Nondyebo Dzingwa
Venezuela - Mariangela Bonnani

Czech Republic - Carmen Justove
Italy - Ilenia Arnolfo
Netherlands - Desiree van den Berg
Russia - Viktoria Shchukina
Ukraine - Valentina Zhytnyk
USA - Danielle Bounds
Vietnam - Luu Thi Diem Huong

The Top 4 seem great to me. Nicole Faria (Miss India) deserved her win. I didn't know much about Miss Ecuador but I've seen some photos of Jennifer Pazmino and she does look gorgeous. Thailand, again, was one of my favourites I love that she's part of the 4. Finally Miss Puerto Rico Yeidy Bosques. She's beautiful but I would have chosen Mariangela Bonnani (Miss Venezuela) over Yeidy however Yeidy rounds off an extremely fantastic Top 4.

Japan's Marina Kishira really developed into a frontrunner and she rightly placed in the Top 7. I was a bit shocked to see Vietnam out of the Top 7 because it was in Vietnam but that would have meant 4 Asians in the Top 7! All the big favourites made it so honestly these results are probably the best of any pageant in recent years, so sad I couldn't really follow it.

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