Monday, 6 December 2010

TVB Awards 2010 - My Opinions

Well all the build up and finally it's over. I can finally have a life again! Just kidding. Anyway as I have said most of the results were predictable, not necessarily what I originally thought but I knew this year was going to be more competitive than last year for the top awards.

Congratulations to Hong Kong ARTchitecture for winning Most Admirable Programme, it is indeed very admirable!

I was shocked that The Voice 2 won Best Variety Show. I always thought the Best Variety Show and Best Host Awards would be split between Super Trio Game Master and Fun With Liza and Gods. If I was going to pick Best Variety Show I'd give it to Super Trio.

Eric Tsang and Stanley Fung were so funny when they kept on plugging their movie, I wonder if anyone will actually complain. 

Anyway I was pretty disappointed when Most Improved Female Artiste went to Natalie Tong, I expected it though. Not discrediting Natalie for her efforts this year but Selena Li really deserves to be promoted above this award. I almost want her to be nominated next year just so that she can win this award, because if she doesn't it's obvious TVB are just going to forget about her entirely and Selena will probably not be able to get any award until she's 35! I just don't understand TVB, why have they promoted Queenie and Sharon above this award and not Selena? They just keep putting her in to fill the spaces. And to be honest this was Selena's best chance of winning this award with two high rated series under her belt. Well at least next year both Selena and Natalie will be filming Thunder of the Forbidden Palace, so then we can again compare who is better. But saying that Selena Li will probably not be nominated for this award next year as she'll have to win it - like if they nominated Sharon Chan this year for that award - so that they can give somebody else the win.

Raymond Wong deserved his win and everybody knew it. I was a bit annoyed when my dad next to me kept on saying "well I think King Kong deserved it more", King Kong had a great performance in No Regrets but honestly you can't compare him with Raymond as Raymond has performed exceptionally in all of his series this year and has been in the industry for 13 years!

Favourite female character was predictable, we all knew it was between Charmaine and Sheren and as Charmaine won it it was obvious Sheren was going to win Best Actress. TVB can't do the 2006 year all over again or viewers would revolt. I thought Liza Wang was going to be in the Top 5 because it would be weird for her to sit there all night but I didn't realise she had a concert on the same day, if I knew that beforehand it would have been obvious that she wouldn't be considered so all the 5 nominees were expected, I guess. For Teresa Mo I knew she was going to be nominated for either Favourite Character or Best Female, not both, but I thought it would have been Best Female.

Favourite male character was a shock I have to admit. I guess they are putting a lot of emphasis on the Best Performance of the Year Award. I think TVB should have given Raymond the best performance of the year and popularity and given Moses the My Favourite Male Character instead as Kingsley King was utterly boring to watch for most of the series. So happy that TVB weren't blinded and at least put Kenneth Ma in the top 5. What was that "chok" thing they were all doing? Loved how Kara said that to be nominated you have to be either "good looking or talented" and then proceeded to ask each nominee which they thought they were.

Best Host predictably went to Fun With Liza and Gods after losing out on Best Variety Show whilst we all knew that Moses was out of contention for Best Actor when he won the Best Performance Award. Tavia last year now Moses, who will it be next year? It's honestly another "fun chu yok" award.

Best Supporting Actress went to Fala Chen, predictable but I don't think many were happy about it. Whilst I'm in the minority in saying that Fala did well in No Regrets I think she doesn't deserve to win this award, again, when fellow Top 5 Kara Hui hasn't won it before. I do think if Kara had won it everyone would be happy. I was pleasantly surprised when Elena Kong was put into the Top 5, I didn't know that TVB liked her.

Best Supporting Actor went to Evergreen Mak, no surprise there. Which meant that No Regrets was getting the four main acting awards! Ron Ng was a shock Top 5 for me. I think Kenneth Ma should have been put into the Top 5 as a consolatory for not even being considered for Best Actor. 

Best Actress went to Sheren, no surprise there considering Charmaine had already won an award. I honestly didn't expect Maggie Cheung to be nominated for Top 5. I was pleasantly surprised. Maggie is a great actress and it's delightful to see her get rewarded albeit by TVB. I honestly thought if TVB were going to chose an old fa dan it would be Jessica Hsuan considering she is still consistently active in TVB.

LOVED Sandra Ng! She was so funny! She called out Wayne for Best Actor without looking at the envelope, that was classic! I almost wanted her to say "oh I'm sorry Wayne the Best Actor Award is actually for Moses Chan!" Ah bless her. Wayne did deserve recognition this year but whether it should have been for Best Actor I don't know, he was great but for two years in a row I expect something special. All I know is I wouldn't have ever given it to Raymond or Moses over Wayne but I wouldn't mind it going to Steven - which had a possibility of 1%. I still don't know why Felix Wong is loved by Hong Kong because I find his acting so-so. Oh by the way do any Bosco fans know where he was? I just find it weird that one of TVB's sons weren't there considering he equally had little chance last year but still attended and actually got into the Top 5.

If there was any shocked of the night it would have to be for Best Drama Top 5. I think A Chip Off the Old Block and Every Move You Make were decent dramas but getting nominated for Top 5 is weird! Especially considering the Best Drama award use to be 3 nominees they could have easily reverted back to just include their three favourites. Those two dramas didn't even get high ratings. I was shocked that A Fistful of Stances wasn't considered as it was the best series of the first half of the year. Whilst technically Can't Buy Me Love probably didn't deserve Best Drama when all the acting awards went to No Regrets. It was obvious they would give something to the Can't Buy Me Love cast because it was indeed the series with the highest average ratings and with two favourites for the acting awards. 

The night rounded off with the Lifetime Achievement Award. I think everybody at some moment thought it was Lee Heung Kam, especially when she was in the background when they were announcing the awards. Utterly shocked when Louise Lee won it. It'd be kind of weird for her to win Best Actress ever again after this. I think Lee Heung Kam should have won it simply because of her age and dedication to TVB. Louise Lee still has a few more years before that title sounds right on her.

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