Thursday, 10 March 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 3

Episode 3 was pretty interesting with makeovers and a slightly unexpected elimination, but anyway here's my ranking of the photos.


Mikaela (LEFT)

Ok, not everybody would agree with this - at least Tyra and co didn't as they gave her 3rd bottom! But I love this shot of Mikaela. Mikaela looks stunning here and I don't think every photo needs to be straight to the camera. If any girl looked like a model in their shoots this week Mikaela did.

Alexandria (RIGHT)

I like this shot of Alexandria because she works her outfit and gives a slight quirk to the shot, she really does have a creative vision going on in her head and she normally makes it work. I still find that Alexandria does not look that modelesque in photos or person but she does well in photographs nonetheless.


I love Dalya's expression and the sun flare just above her face, it works perfectly. I just can't believe the judges gave her 4th worst for this. I don't mind the hand, it doesn't add or detract from the photo.

Hannah (RIGHT)

I love Hannah's body language here, the shapes work so well with the gown, but I don't really like her face, it isn't doing anything. But she stands out in this shot and that's the most important.

Jaclyn (CENTRE)

I love how Jaclyn and Dalya are working together in this shot but individually I think Jaclyn still needs to push it a bit, I love her look but there's something missing.

Molly (RIGHT)

I don't get it, I think photographically this shot is amazing, the best in fact, but I think both the girls are slightly lacklustre here. Molly edges it because she looks beautiful but she isn't really doing anything with it.

Brittani (LEFT)

I still don't get it with Brittani. Everybody loves her! I like her but I don't see it. She has so much potential but I think her photos have only been scraping on the surface, she hasn't found it yet but everybody loves her anyway. I just want Brittani to push herself.

Kasia (LEFT)

At first I was ok with this but then I just got bored. She isn't doing anything with this and whilst she looks pretty the open mouth thing is starting to annoy me, especially since it's a Whitney C10 look. I just want Kasia to truly stand out in one week.

Dominique (RIGHT)

Dominique makes this shot awkward, it doesn't work. It doesn't come last because as an individual shot it doesn't look horrendous, it just looks odd.

Monique (LEFT)

Monique falls straight back to the bottom with a fluke last week. She is just vacant in this shot and her face photographed square.

Sara (RIGHT)

This shot is borderline awful for Sara. She looks masculine and I find her side of the shot totally amateur - and they are wearing couture baby!

Ok 3 episodes in and my favourites are starting to form, so here are my rankings.


Sara stays at the bottom not because I don't like her but because I just want her to go. I think she is a great girl but not a model. I was shocked she wasn't eliminated this week because the edit of this episode looked like she would be kicked out.

(DOWN 1)

My dilemma with Alexandria is I generally like her photos but outside of that I'm not liking anything of hers. She doesn't fall down to bottom because of her photos but she'll need to continue to set the bar high for me to keep her off the bottom.

(DOWN 1)

Yeah I'm still ranking the girls who are out. After consideration I think I wouldn't have liked Angelia as the show progressed whilst the girls above her I generally like.


Since Day 1 I didn't think there was a place for Dominique in this cycle, she is just not a model. She is a lovely girl though and I thought Tyra was going to extend her story a bit but she's gone now.


I don't really like Monique, I don't dislike her but she annoys me.


Kasia needs to start getting an edit! She is a lovely girl but she'll obviously be out soon if they aren't bothering to talk about her.


I'm not liking her makeover simply because I find her a bit generic now, we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.


The favouritism towards her is bugging me.


Come back Ondrei! But remember to come back as a hf model!


The judges aren't liking Dalya, I hope she makes it to the Top 6 though.

(DOWN 2)

Sadly Nicole drops down 2 simply because I can't see anymore of her whilst the 3 girls above her are becoming my favourites.


Molly is showing a angry streak! lol. I love Molly but her face is worrying me, she looks drained a lot of the time and to be honest I'm not sure she'll get a good career out of modelling after the show.

(Up 2)

MIKAELA ROCKS! This was the first episode where her beauty has really made me step back, she just has it and the doubts in my mind are now dispelled.


Jaclyn clings onto No.1 but she'll have to watch out for Mikaela who is forcing her way to the top!

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