Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Mandarin, Nottingham

I went up to Nottingham today so I'm giving you my first post on a Nottingham restaurant - more to come in the coming years hopefully! I'm sorry if most of my posts are of Chinese restaurants but my dad basically dislikes every other cuisine so most of the times I go for Chinese with my dad.

The Mandarin is situated on a quiet side of Nottingham just off the main high street and close to the main stadium. The restaurant is nice and cosy and split into two main sections, the place is mainly populated by Chinese people. I was pleasantly surprised by the place on first thoughts but then the menu came with wet pages - major no no! So I left my dad to order with his dry menu! We ordered two bowls of rice (remember this was for dinner), salt and chilli pork, lamb hotpot with white radish as well as pea sprouts cooked with salted egg. (I couldn't find the same menu we ordered from on their website so these names are what I guess they were called.

The pork was lovely, it had enough spice and flavour to it and the meat was fried with a nice texture. The lamb was great as well, the meat was tender and juicy - but the white radish was a bit too hard and personally I'm not a fan of orange peel. The pea sprouts were decent, my dad thought they were a bit overcooked though - however I found them ok. And to top it all off all the plates were quite large - we couldn't finish the rice for one. The meal come to £37~ which was a decent price and the waiters were inviting as well.

Overall a nice meal and as I'm going to university at Nottingham next year you may see me posting more about the place.

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