Thursday, 17 March 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 4

I really can't judge these commercials like I judge photos in general because even on the episode I didn't really get to see every shoot fully, however the standout was definitely Kasia who did what I expect Tyra wanted them to do - sexy, sassy but not too over the top. Anyway this week my favourites are starting to set in so here's my rankings of my favourites after this week.


Sara was eliminated this week, whilst I like Sara's personality and she does look very pretty on angles I just don't find her modelesque at all. Beautiful tomboy does not necessarily equate to Top Model, maybe she'll prove me wrong but I honestly doubt it.


Alexandria really annoys me sometimes, her attitude is a huge problem but I see her being edited differently after this, next week will be her "personality" redemption. However I find her look to be too old and whilst she takes amazing photos I don't think she is modelesque.


She stays the same as last week, unless Alexandria has a huge redemption I don't see her dropping lower than this.


She was definitely less annoying than I thought she'd be but she's out now so she stays where she's at.

(DOWN 2)

Ok Hannah drops not because I don't like her but because I find her pretty unmemorable. I do see Hannah's resemblance to Analeigh but at the moment she doesn't stand out to me, yes she is a pretty girl and I see her doing well in this competition but until she really starts standing out her other competitors are going to leap over her.

(UP 1)

I am not sure whether I like Monique or not, she gives me this queen bitch kind of vibe but she hasn't done anything nasty enough yet to warrant that. I don't know whether Monique will climb up but at the moment there are at least 7 girls who I like more than her.

(UP 1)

Kasia's open mouth is starting to frustrate me, nobody wants to see a Whitney 2.0. This is the first episode she has been featured, I think she's a very nice girl but I think she'll be booted out for being too commercial and sexy.

(DOWN 1)

Ondrei still stays at seventh despite being eliminated because of her beautiful moment when she admitted the pain of her loss.

(UP 1)

I like Brittani but the constant over-praise is annoying the hell out of me. I think Brittani has huge potential but she hasn't realised that yet but she is getting praise all ready, she's obviously one of the favourites to win but as of now I don't want that to happen.


Dalya is worrying me because her face is a little harsh looking, to the point of being overly masculine. Mikaela also has a very edgy face but she looks beautiful in most shots. I hope Dalya can start breaking out and working her look, if not she'll go soon.


I still love Nicole, she was wasted on this show - hopefully an equally stunning girl wouldn't be wasted.


Molly is beautiful and I see potential there for her to be a semi successful model but her face looks very tired a lot of the time and that is what's worrying me. Her face doesn't lend well to a lot of makeup either, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

(DOWN 1)

DUN DUN DUN.... ! Jaclyn has been toppled! It's not because I don't like her but it's because I have finally found my favourite this cycle. Jaclyn is lovely but I don't think she'll be a successful model and her voice is a little irritating at times, however Jaclyn is still adorable and will be a favourite of mine throughout the show.

(UP 1)

Mikaela is STUNNING! and I love her personality. I'm really worried that the judges are not liking her and will waste her, if she goes before Top 6 it will be a disaster as the two most hf girls, Nicole and Mikaela can't go before Top 6 if this is to be a creditable show. I just Mikaela wows the judges and starts getting the FCOs she deserves.

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