Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 16 - Searching (SPOILER)

I haven't made a post on Desperate Housewives in a long long time but after watching the last few minutes of this episode I just had to talk about it. Coincidently this is the 150th episode of the series so there needed to be something big (we need to celebrate as we can as we never know when DH is going to end - hopefully it makes 200). Let me start off with something a little lighter. I'm not sure I'm liking where Desperate Housewives is heading with Bree's character. I like Bree, much more, when she is the witty housewife with the sharp tongue, putting her through another breakdown seems a bit too much and surely she's only going to find another husband/bf later - they can't honestly keep her single until the last season? - also where is Andrew? Also she feels so alone that she wants to donate a kidney to Susan so she has a purpose in life - there are too many mid-life crises's in this episode.

Anyway now onto my main reason for posting and that is the discomforting scene of Beth Young committing suicide. I honestly didn't see it coming, in hindsight there were a lot of tell-tale signs but this episode was sugar coated so much that I'd thought nothing substantial would be shown. It's quite disturbing thinking about her suicide, she doesn't feel needed or wanted anymore. She falls out with her husband, her mother doesn't want to see her, she has no friends to go to - she is all on her own. I feel really sorry for her. She was even denied a chance to help someone. I'm wondering if her character would not have killed herself if Bree let her donate the kidney - but thinking about that is even more disturbing. But the most disgusting thing I'd say is Felicia not wanting her. To think that her mother was the only thing she had left and she wanted nothing to do with her was horrid, especially when you realise that's the main reason why she committed suicide, I never liked Felicia but I never thought her character was like that.

The final few scenes were some of the most captivating storytelling from Desperate Housewives in a while. I did find it awkward when Beth was insistent on handing in her donation forms at A&E - HUGE NEON TELL-TALE SIGN THAT I MISSED - but I thought nothing of it until BAM she pulls out a gun and shoots herself. Come to think of it her character reminds me a lot of Eddie from last season as they both are a bit coo coo inside. I will miss Beth because she was such a crazy character, the more you think about her the darker it seems, I didn't recognise this at first but Emily Bergl really did fantastically with the stonecold, robotic, almost lifeless nature of her character. At first I thought it was just Emily herself that I found a bit awkward but she really did make her character very believable, in a Desperate Housewives sort of way. Anyway I can't wait until the next episode but that will be in a months time! argh...

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